Dear Startup Investor,

David here.

Last week, Apple became the very first company in the United States to hit a $2 trillion valuation.

This is absolutely unprecedented… and it only proves the grip that Silicon Valley’s most powerful companies have on the global economy.

In fact, Apple is only the second company in the world to ever hit this milestone… coming second to oil giant Saudi Aramco.

What’s even more awe-inspiring, however, is that Apple hit $2 trillion during the middle of a world-altering pandemic.

Sure, the company has faced some setbacks. iPhone revenues are expected to be 10% lower this year than last year.

But Apple is still on track to see $280 billion in gross revenue this year alone, with $50 billion in profit.

To put that into context, retail corporation Walmart makes about double Apple’s revenue each year but sees a much slimmer profit margin of $14 billion.

So what’s driving Apple’s unparalleled growth?

Here’s a hint… It’s not at all speculative.

Instead, it has to do with a confluence of events that have secured Apple’s market dominance.

As you’ll see in the above video, this all proves the unstoppable growth powering the tech sector.

I’ll be back on Thursday with the top five lessons I’ve learned from one of my biggest inspirations: Peter Thiel.

Very best,

David Weisburd