Happy anniversary! We’ve officially hit the two-year mark here at the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate.

Together, we’ve built the country’s largest network of angel investors. We’ve grown to around 90,000 members since June 2019, and in the process, we’ve helped startup companies raise over a whopping $163 million for their ventures.

That’s an incredible accomplishment that wouldn’t have been possible without you (and if you’re not yet a member, we can’t wait for you to join us.)

So, for the sake of celebration, let’s take a look back at some of our biggest achievements.

Spoiler alert: if you thought our first year was a smash hit, wait until you see everything we’ve accomplished together during our second year.

You’ve Witnessed (and Made) History

Angel investing has never been easier or more accessible than it is right now, and you’ve arrived on the scene at a pivotal moment in its history.

In March, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enacted a series of amendments aimed at opening up an entirely new – and better – class of startup opportunities for everyday investors like you. It was the biggest SEC news since the JOBS Act in 2012, and you’re here to witness it.

What this means is you can invest more money into startup companies this year. And because companies can raise even more capital, more mature startups are about to enter the crowdfunding space. All of that, and crowdfunding has become less risky for companies looking to launch a raise.

You can read Neil’s full breakdown of the changes here. But one thing’s for sure…

It is, without a doubt, the very best era on record to be an angel investor. We’re already seeing a deal flow pipeline stronger than ever, and we expect plenty more opportunities to burst through the door over the next few months and years.

Along with the Advisory Board, we’re dedicated to finding the best ones out there – the ones with similar DNA to companies that have exploded in value in the past.

And as a member, you can tap straight into this deal flow with two fully researched recommendations every month (if you haven’t already, here’s how to join us).

You’ve Got Even More Experts in Your Corner

Over the last year, our Advisory Board exploded with brand-new faces and angel investing expertise.

Let’s start with Buck Jordan, Chairman of the Advisory Board, and Daymond John, the People’s Shark

Buck is the founder and CEO of Wavemaker Labs, the founder & managing partner of Canyon Creek Capital, the co-founder and CEO of Miso Robotics, and a veteran of the United States Army. He’s passionate about the power of automation and artificial intelligence in altering our daily lives for the better.

Daymond is one of the panelists on the hit ABC series, Shark Tank. He’s also the founder and CEO of FUBU, a hip-hop apparel line which he grew to a $6 billion empire. Daymond is dedicated to breaking down the walls holding everyday investors back from accessing high quality wealth building opportunities.

Just a few months ago, for example, he debuted on the Network with an interview with Arlan Hamilton, the founder & managing partner of Backstage Capital.

Of course, the Advisory Board also includes Neil Patel, the Network’s founder, and David Weisburd, co-head of venture capital at 10X Capital.

We’ve also got Director of Deal Analysis Don Yocham, Financial Mindset and Entrepreneur Consultant Abe Wagner, KingsCrowd Founder and CEO Chris Lustrino, and Casting Consultant (and policy superstar) Brandon Andrews.

You’ve Built a Real, Market-Moving Powerhouse

There is no denying the power you have as a part of this community.

Across all subscription levels, we’ve recommended 107 different deals from just about any sector you could imagine. Like we said above, we’ve raised over $163 million for our recommended deals since we got started in June 2019.

Crowdfunding is a revolution that’s changing the very fabric of startup investing every single day. The fact that 90,000 everyday investors can join forces and throw real money into the world’s most cutting-edge, early stage companies is something that until recently, wasn’t an option.

And in the process, you’re helping to create jobs, support small business, and shape the entire American economy. In other words, your role as an angel investor is essential… And it’s only going to get more important as time goes on.

So, whether you’ve been here since the very beginning or you’ve just joined our ranks, we want to thank you for building such a special community.

And if you haven’t yet joined us, we can’t wait for you to come aboard.

By joining, you can connect with the tens of thousands of people who have realized that there’s more to investing than just skimpy stock returns. Not to mention, you’ll have access to the world’s foremost angel investing experts, alongside a model portfolio full of recommendations that we believe could kick you back an absolute fortune.

We think every single portfolio can benefit from startup investing, and it’s literally never been easier to dive in. And with a community like this behind you, you’ll have the resources and support you need to make the best investing decisions for your wallet, portfolio, and lifestyle.

Just click here to sign up now. We can’t wait to meet you and show you everything we’ve got in store for year three (and beyond).

Here’s to an incredible second year, an even better third year, and a lifetime of angel investing success.

We’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

The Research Team