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Did you catch yesterday’s episode of our new show, Unicorn Hunting?

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(FYI – we are taking next week off for the holidays… but when we come back right after, we’re going to have some huge plans to kick off 2022.)

Every week, we cover some of the hottest trends in equity crowdfunding – which, as you know, grows and changes on a daily basis.

We also dig into three new startups each week… combing through each deal, pointing out any potential red flags, and of course, showing you the #1 opportunity we can find each week.

We just aired our ninth episode, and the turnout was incredible – we could barely keep up with the live chat! The best part is that people in the chat aren’t just talking about the deals at hand… they’re sharing other startups they’re looking at, too. It’s an absolute frenzy of never-before-seen deal flow.

And Unicorn Hunting is only one of the dozens of shows you can watch for free at Money Morning Live. Hang around after our program and you’ll hear from Lincoln Holbrook, an elite trader who’s an expert at helping beginner traders create a plan, form their own strategy, and keep a winning mentality as they get started.

There are shows throughout the week for pretty much any kind of trading or investing you’re interested in – and you can watch it all from the comfort of your own home.

You can find the schedule here… but we suggest you pop in from time to time, because we’re always adding new guests, new programming, and most importantly – actionable opportunities to boost your net worth every single day.

It’s one of the best and easiest things you can do for your financial future – so keep the link to Money Morning Live bookmarked.

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