Neil here.

Yesterday, I got in touch with you about something that’s been top of mind for most of us lately: a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

It’s the only thing that’ll allow us to return to our normal lives and set the global economy back on track. Not only could it save billions of human lives… It could also save economy trillions of dollars that stand to be lost if strict quarantine measures remain in place.

One of my most crucial angel investing philosophies is to back companies that solve big problems in big markets… And it doesn’t get any bigger than this. The upside potential for whatever company figures out a viable vaccine first is virtually unlimited.

Which is exactly why dozens of companies have already joined the race. Do a quick Google search for “vaccine startups” and you’ll find countless stories about tiny companies working towards the same goal. They’re all over the world, too – I personally know of companies in Italy, India, Massachusetts, and England that are all exploring different approaches to the problem. And those are just the ones I’m familiar with.

COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity for companies worldwide to leverage different types of tech – from biotech to AI and beyond – for the same general purpose. It’s almost like watching a contest play out: Using the tools you have on your table, build a solution to the problem at hand.

It’s truly inspiring to watch… And someday, when we’re able to look back at this experience from a safe distance, I think we’ll remember how the entrepreneurial spirit brought the whole world together to achieve a common goal.

But there’s something else we’ll remember, too: The incredible growth and financial success of the winning company and its backers.

There are a few confounding factors that make it tougher than ever to identify a frontrunner. Not only is the playing field extremely crowded… but the circumstances surrounding this research essentially boil down to total unbridled chaos.

Conditions like these are exactly why I’m always touting the importance of having a network. Let’s face it – medtech is not my forte. I’m more of a software/marketing guy. But I do know a Silicon Valley veteran (legend is more like it) who specializes in this field.

His name is Michael Robinson – you’ve met him once or twice before. He’s my go-to guy for all things tech. If there’s a cutting-edge breakthrough happening somewhere out there, Michael’s probably known about it for a few months already. So I wasn’t that surprised to learn that he’s already called a laundry list of CEOs, biochemists, and vaccinologists – and gotten to the bottom of what they had to say.

He’s got his eye on one tiny company that looks like the best possible candidate for this race. They’ve got proprietary tech… a stellar track record… and a star CEO to boot. And they could be shipping out their first million doses by the end of this year.

Just click here to learn more about this company – and how you could have a chance to make 3,000% gains from the race for a vaccine.

Until next time,

Neil Patel