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One of the strongest indicators of growth potential for a startup company is market competition among its larger counterparts.

There’s no recent example greater than software titan Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack this week.

On Tuesday, Salesforce announced that it was buying Slack in a $27.7 billion mega-deal.

It’s one of the largest acquisitions in industry history, and it puts Salesforce in even more direct competition with its counterpart, Microsoft.

(Microsoft’s Teams software and Slack have been facing off for quite some time for market domination.)

Following the acquisition announcement, Salesforce shares dipped by a significant 11%. But regardless, CEO Marc Benioff has high hopes that adding Slack to the mix will send their valuation through the roof.

Now, both Salesforce and Microsoft are public companies. But their fierce competition is good news for the startup world… and its angel investors.

In fact, I think this acquisition may herald in one of the greatest private market investing opportunities in the SaaS space we’ve ever seen.

Here’s why…

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Competition in the public markets does two important favors for private startups.

First, it validates that these startups are entering markets with high demand.

And these days, market demand is particularly high for companies in the remote workforce management space. In 2019 alone, workflow software saw a record $10 billion in venture capital investments across 1,130 deals.

Second (and arguably more important), competition can strengthen the merger and acquisition landscape as the big guys seek to buy out smaller companies that can take their businesses to the next level.

And I don’t think it’s a longshot to say that we could even heftier acquisitions in the remote work space very soon.

Ultimately, the Salesforce v. Microsoft competition is heating up fast in the race to see who can dominate the remote workforce industry.

But no matter who takes the cake, it’s going to be good news for startups.

At Angels & Entrepreneurs, we’ve had our ear to the ground for the best opportunities in this space for a while now.

Just a few months ago, the Research Team recommended a deal specifically designed to make remote work easier and more efficient for employees and their customers.

Their net income increased by over 2,300% between 2018 and 2019, and they’ve secured partnerships with some of the biggest software names in the game.

And this company is just one of many startups we expect to make it big over the next few years.

Because the truth is, remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (if at all)… and the need for these types of services is only going to increase tenfold.

I’m sure 2021 will bring us some really great early-stage companies in that space, and we’ll keep our ears to the ground looking for the best opportunities out there.

And in the meantime, here are all the strategies you need to learn so you can play this industry today.

I’ll be back soon with another update.

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