Abe here.

The first truly nice thing I ever bought myself when I made it to the “big leagues” was a BMW.

It’s a beautiful car… one of the best out there. Buying it was my way of celebrating that I’d officially “made it”.

But just a couple of weeks ago, I gave that BMW to José, my boxing coach.

José is a great guy. He’s one of the people I can count on for advice and support when I need it the most. And above all, he’s a great friend who appreciates that at the end of the day, I’m still just another human being. I know it sounds weird, but he treats me like an actual person instead of his personal problem solver, and that’s getting rarer for me these days.

Now that I’m buying a new car, I knew giving this one to José would mean a lot to him since he’s always admired it. That’s exactly why I was happy to gift it to him.

I’m not telling you this story to brag. Not at all, in fact.

The point of this story is that being able to give my BMW to a good friend was one part of a massive vision I created when I first set out to build my wealth.

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Not only has making great money let me live life on my own terms, but it has also helped me to make the positive impact on the world that I always knew I could.

That’s my vision, and in setting out to change your relationship with money, you need to dig deep into your own. It’ll likely look different from mine…or that of anyone else.

But ultimately, your vision needs to go beyond just making more money.

In order to truly make it work, you’ll need to understand exactly what’s driving you to build wealth in the first place. Money is just a tool that can help you achieve your vision.

– Do you want more security?

– Are you trying to leave a legacy behind for your kids and grandkids?

– Do you want more power to live the life you want to live and change the world in ways you want to change it?

– Or is it something else entirely?

Whatever it is, it needs to be specific and it needs to be honest. Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll be even closer to transforming your mentality about money and setting yourself up for success.

For me, my vision is what allowed me to give José my BMW, or spend weekday afternoons at the park with my kids, or help other people who are struggling to get control over their lives and their money (just like I was years ago).

I’m in a place where I don’t have to care about money anymore. I don’t do any of this for that… I just want to make the world better by giving back and paying it forward.

That’s why I want to help you create your own vision that can help you achieve the same success that I have. Just click here to get started. When you do, you’ll automatically be added to the list for my free newsletter, Think Rich or Die Broke. Over there, I’ll be breaking down each and every one of the lies about money you’ve been taught wrong your whole life… and showing you how to begin the journey to achieving your own vision.

You’ll also get an advance copy of the first three chapters of my book, Hustlers Die Broke. (That’s just a working title for now – you’ll get to read it way before it’s released publicly.)

I’m excited to keep working with you! We’ll talk soon,

Abe Wagner