Tom Gentile here. Neil asked me to send you a special message, and I’m so excited to be here today.

You might already know me from my work in options, cryptocurrencies, and pattern trading… But today, I want to talk about something a little bit different.

We’re right in the middle of one of the most profound market phenomena we’ve ever witnessed. And if you play your cards right, it’s one that could start making you real money very soon.

But first, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I’m a money guy. I’m always looking for the best and most under-the-radar ways to turn a profit, and I’ve been teaching everyday investors how to do the same for years.

It wasn’t always like this for me. Three decades ago, I was working 60-hour weeks at Home Depot, studying the ins and outs of options trading in my parents’ basement. After years of putting my nose to grindstone, I founded (and eventually sold) one of the largest fintech companies showing people how to trade.

Since then, I’ve spent my time seeking out – and capturing profits from – the market’s biggest events and shifts. And let me tell you… I’ve never seen the market look quite like it does this year.

I’m sure I’m not alone there. You’ve seen it, too… even in the startup world.

Think about SPACs, for example. I know Neil and the rest of the team have discussed them here a few times before, and for good reason.

Right now, they’re one of the hottest ways for private companies to enter the public market. In just the last three months, we’ve already seen 308 SPAC IPOs… an unprecedented number compared to last year’s count of 248 total.

We’ve also witnessed some of the highest-profile public offerings and direct listings ever hit the stage throughout the last year. Just yesterday, crypto trading giant Coinbase made its public debut, and closed with a market value worth more than GM, FedEx, and even Twitter (that made my crypto-loving heart happy).

At first glance, these types of events may not seem connected at the hip. But there’s a common thread that’s running through every single market event we’ve seen, even within just the last quarter or so:

People have never been more excited to trade than they are right now. And trading itself has never been more accessible.

We’re seeing hordes of people flock to trading apps like Robinhood to snag shares of the latest big-ticket stocks. I’m talking about as much as $11 million entering the market in full force every single day, and much of that comes from individual retail investors with little to no trading experience or strategy.

I’ve had my eye on this phenomenon for a while now. There’s real profit up for grabs here, and I’m never one to let an opportunity like that go to waste. I’m sure you’ve seen its effects, too.

Think about GameStop, for example. I don’t think I need to run through everything that happened there, but the long and short is that the stock tumbled just as quickly as it soared. A very, very small percentage of the population made money from that event… but many more lost out.

It was the result of inexperienced traders who didn’t know where to put their money, or how to play it once they invested. But it goes to show the incredible power these retail investors have on the way the markets move… And with the sheer amount of cash up for grabs, I’ve spent the last few months developing a system to play it for real profit.

I’ve nicknamed it “BRUTUS.” The system is designed for striking before a market surge begins and exiting before it turns south. We’ve seen impressive results so far (some of the biggest back-tested wins include 1,000% in three days, 2,500% in 16 days, and even 3,800% in six days).

But I firmly believe that’s only the beginning of what’s to come… and I’m here to invite you to join me and learn all about this system, too.

So if you’re interested, just click here. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

That’s all for today. Thanks for having me, and I’m sure we’ll be in touch soon.

Until then,

Tom Gentile