Neil here.

It seems like a year’s worth of news has happened since we caught up last week.

And even though things are a little crazier than normal these days, the news has made it clear that there are some serious money-making opportunities out there – if you know how to find them.

Here’s what’s been happening…

  • Yesterday, Pfizer and BioNTech announced that their COVID-19 vaccine has been more than 90% effective in their Phase 3 trial. The news caused the Dow Jones to spike over 800 points… its largest gain since June.
  • On the flip side, Big Tech is sinking this week as investors shift their focus away from those stocks. The Nasdaq (which houses the biggest tech stocks) is down around 1% right now and dropped 1.6% yesterday.

Suffice to say… we’re still looking at a volatile public market, and it’s likely going to remain that way for a while.

Now, don’t get me wrong. While the public markets are up and down, angel investing is still looking good these days. (More on that from my colleague David Weisburd here.)

I’ll always be one of the first people to throw my hat in the private equity ring, even during the most chaotic economic times.

But volatility doesn’t mean you should avoid the public markets altogether.

There will always be opportunities to make money out there… especially when you’re able to play upswings and downswings. And as any good investor knows, diversification is the key to the best returns.

Here’s the thing, though…

If you’re going to play the public markets, you definitely don’t want to be locked in for too long.

It’s just too much of a toss-up right now.

A sector that’s outperforming one week could very well tank the next week… and in my opinion, that kind of risk just isn’t always worth it.

That’s why I believe best moves to make right now are the ones that will get you in and out in just a few days… all while offering a shot at some of the biggest gains on the market.

And while my expertise centers mainly on the private equity world, I have one contact who can help you make the most of these types of explosive trades right now.

I’m talking about options trading superstar Andrew Keene.

He’s a close friend and colleague of mine… and he’s officially inviting you to take part in a secret project that’s been quietly brewing for a few months already.

Over the past three months, a small group of subscribers have been testing a revolutionary new system for making quick (and massive) returns from the public markets using options trading.

Andrew’s team is excited to report that this system WORKS.

(One subscriber reported a one-day gain of 364%… a mindboggling return for the public markets.)

They’ve even recruited Tom Gentile – America’s top trading expert – to help spread the word.

Because the first phase of this project worked so well, Andrew is ready to move forward into Phase 2… and you’re getting one of the very first invites to take part.

These are the types of trades that could double or triple your money in just a short period of time, meaning you don’t have to lock yourself into long stints in the markets that could ultimately destroy your bottom line.

And get this. Andrew is even guaranteeing at least 30 “100% trade” recommendations over the next year alone… or you’ll get a full subscription refund.

He’s officially opening the doors to this one-of-a-kind trading opportunity on Thursday, November 12th… so keep an eye on your inboxes. You really don’t want to miss this information.

I’ll be in touch with all the details on how to take advantage in just a couple of days.

Until next time,

Neil Patel