Neil here. Let’s talk about deal flow.

When you first start hunting for angel investments, you’ll probably find yourself focusing only on big, “sexy” ideas. Flying cars, space travel, the next Uber or Airbnb – these are the first things most people think of when they imagine successful Silicon Valley startups.

Here’s the thing, though: you aren’t the only one looking for the next Airbnb. Most people who get into angel investing these days are looking for the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong. These deals are eye-catching for a reason. Sexy startups have made plenty of angel investors unimaginably rich… but for every flashy idea that makes it big, there are ten bland-sounding companies that make it even bigger.

Those “boring” deals tend to be the ones that kick back the biggest returns. Maybe they make fewer headlines… maybe they don’t go viral on social media… but they are some of the most reliable and lucrative investment options in the angel investing world.

So how do you know where to look?

Start by having an open mind. You wouldn’t believe how many angel investors – especially new ones – turn up their noses at “dull” ideas without taking the time to understand them.

I’ve said it before: all successful startups make money by solving a problem. Sure, sometimes that problem is newsworthy and fascinating – like curing diseases and colonizing other planets. But guess what? It’s the small, everyday problems that affect the greatest number of people… and every one of those people is a potential customer.

That’s why I don’t look for the next SpaceX or the next Uber. Instead, I look for companies that follow my 1,000X Formula. It’s a simple formula I use to make sure that every startup I invest in has the potential to multiply my money 1,000 times over.

To learn more about the formula, just click here.

Until next time,

Neil Patel