Hey Startup Investor,

Abe here.

About three years ago, I worked with a friend of mine who was let go when our company downsized.

At that point, she decided to try her luck as a freelancer. She was a rockstar, so she immediately got a lot of interest, and she quickly had to prepare to negotiate her hourly rate.

As an employee, she had made $22 per hour, so she was planning to ask potential new clients to pay her $50 per hour for her freelance work.

Right around that time is when she called me.

During our conversation, I told her that I’d literally never speak to her again if she asked for anything less than $80 per hour.

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It took some convincing, but she eventually agreed. When she brought that figure to her new clients, and they agreed to the $80 per hour…without batting an eye.

In what was just a five-minute phone call, this person had learned how to advocate for herself and recognize her true value as a freelancer.

Ultimately, those five minutes essentially doubled her income over the last three years.

At this point, you might be asking… why the massive jump? What made me so sure that this person should have negotiated at least $80 per hour?

Here’s the thing. A $50 per hour rate brings in an annual income of around $104,000… a solid six-figure salary.

But this person wasn’t a regular employee making a regular salary anymore. She was a freelancer now.

Employees receive steady checks every couple of weeks from their companies.

Ideally, companies will also provide their employees with a nice benefit package too… a large portion of the cost of which will be covered by the employer. They also do all the employee admin that’s now shifted back on to a freelancer.

So in her new role, this woman had to do all of that for herself.

She needed to purchase her own health insurance. She needed to do all the employee admin stuff like calculating and withholding taxes, billing clients, and prospecting for new ones…none of which she could directly bill for.

And above all, she was never guaranteed the same steady annual income as any of a company’s regular employees would be, so there was risk to factor in, too.

The problem here was that she was stuck in the employee mentality, unable to see that she needed to make more money to cover all of that stuff and her downtime. She needed more just to afford her costs of living. Not to mention, she was insanely talented at her job, but lacked the confidence to recognize how much those skills were worth.

When she broke out of that employee mentality, she quickly recognized that she was worth way more than what she’d originally planned to ask for.

She saw her value, shifted her mindset, and ultimately landed on her feet making almost double what she’d originally had in mind.

That leads me to today’s biggest point…

If you want more, you have the power to go out and get it for yourself. But you have to be your own biggest advocate first.

No one is just going to hand you more money, more opportunities, or anything else… unless you recognize and advocate for your own value first.

I’ve had to do it time and time again through my own career. My success today isn’t the product just sitting back and letting other people tell me what I’m worth. Or tell me what I deserve.

Instead, I quickly learned to stand up for myself… and you should definitely do the same too.

Recognize the skills and assets you bring to your work. (I promise you have plenty of them.)

Understand the value those skills give you, whether you’re an employee, a freelancer, a business owner, or literally anything else.

And finally, leverage your value to start making MORE without having to make a ton of other sacrifices in exchange.

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Again, this is all free… and I can’t wait to share it with you.

We’ll talk soon,

Abe Wagner