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Companies that make the greatest impact on our world are often the ones with the greatest upside potential.

And investors who take advantage of these opportunities are well-positioned to make a significant difference and see impressive returns.

It’s called “social impact investing.” This type of investing is powerful tool, not only for making money, but also for creating positive social changes.

The global impacting investing industry is massive. It hit $502 billion in 2019 and is on track to expand as more and more people see its value.

Even now, the world’s most successful corporations are committing capital toward real social or environmental solutions. For example…

  • Patagonia launched their “Tin Shed Ventures” corporate VC fund in 2013 to invest in environmentally and socially responsible startup companies.
  • Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) recently pledged $2 billion to a new VC fund investing in clean energy and sustainable development.
  • Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY) partnered with the Kiva Initiative to help artisans around the world open Etsy shops and raise interest-free capital.

Now, while large VC funds and corporations do make a big impact, angel investors are key players in this industry… because social impact often goes hand-in-hand with early stage companies.

Startup companies often take the innovative lead on developing solutions to critical unsolved problems around the world. But it’s always important to study up and make sure that company is actually making an impact.

When I’m evaluating a startup company, I always look for the measurable benefit of their product or service…

  1. What problem is this product attempting to solve?
  2. Who is this product helping?
  3. And is THIS the best way to solve that problem?

In short, I’ll very rarely consider investing in a company that doesn’t make some kind of impact – whether big or small.

If I can’t identify what real difference a company is making – and if I can’t measure that company’s success – It’s usually a “no” from me.

Of course, not every startup will have their hands in major crises. Companies can still make a difference in small ways, like helping businesses run smoother, introducing new jobs, and funneling capital into their local communities.

But when I spot a company that IS making strides toward solving our country’s (and our world’s) greatest problems, I take notice.

And in the United States, there is no problem quite like the $1.4 trillion student debt crisis.

Between 2004 and 2017, student loan debt has increased by 300%… meaning that as college gets more expensive every single year, less kids can afford to pay for it.

On top of that, it takes about 21 years for a typical student to pay off a college loan.

This is an infuriating problem. Kids should be able to go to college and get a degree without being saddled with over two decades-worth of debt.

And any kind of company working to help solve this problem will immediately catch my eye.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the details on a company that’s using a very unique asset class to help kids avoid a lifetime of college debt.

They handpick the top-performing students from the top-performing schools and offer to pay for part of their tuition in exchange for a portion of their future income.

This way, students can avoid discriminatory and punitive personal loans, while still being incentivized to pursue a worthwhile degree.

I’ve never seen a company do something like this before, and they have real potential.

By 2029, over 20 million people are expected to be enrolled in a university… meaning this company has a potential customer base of 20 million people in just the next nine years.

Companies of this caliber generally raise money straight from wealthy venture capital firms… and rarely from individual investors. But this company is opening its doors and letting everyday folks secure a piece of their potential success.

And today, I’m teaming up with David Weisburd to break down this deal recommendation and five others with massive upside potential.

We’ll be sharing all the details on everything you need to know about each company and sharing how you can take advantage before anyone else has a chance.

This kind of opportunity doesn’t come around often, and pretty soon, the doors on these deals are going to close forever.

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