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The next big software revolution has officially begun, and it all revolves around one thing: 5G.

Yesterday, Finnish telecom company Nokia launched new software allowing mobile operators to upgrade their 4G radio stations with the latest 5G tech.

And this isn’t a “sometime in the future” kind of update. It’s happening right now.

The software is available for immediate use, and Nokia predicts that by the end of 2021, over 5 million stations will see a massive data overhaul.

The most unique part about Nokia’s new tech is that since it’s software, it doesn’t require stations to replace existing equipment or waste time, money, or manpower performing in-person site visits.

All of these issues have created a significant obstacle for other companies looking to upgrade their own 4G tech.

To me, this is a huge step in the right direction for the company.

In the not-too-distant past, Nokia struggled to keep up with rival companies, like Ericsson and Samsung, who’ve gained serious competitive edges in the race for 5G.

But Nokia is now the first telecom equipment company to add this kind of software to their product line… and I doubt they’ll be the last.

In fact, I’m sure software-based products will take center stage on mobile networks very soon… because software is a solid bet for any mobile company ready to take the competitive lead.

It’s scalable, it’s easily expandable, it’s cost-effective, and it creates wide company profit margins without the need for a big sales force or huge manufacturing spaces.

For Nokia, software could be the key to regaining their standing on the ultra-competitive 5G landscape.

And for the rest of us, software-based solutions could be what propels 5G across the globe at lightspeed.

But Nokia’s still got some heavy competition. You may have seen some of the headlines this week alone:

    – Samsung is winning the battle to become Europe’s biggest 5G provider.

    – Qualcomm has secured a VC deal to roll out 5G infrastructure and services across India.

    – Ericsson has created a 5G Smart Factory in Texas that runs on data and artificial intelligence, all powered by 5G tech.
These are massive developments that are happening faster than we could have ever expected, and it all means one thing: 5G is here to stay. And as more companies jump on the software bandwagon, 5G could rocket across the world before our very eyes.

Whichever companies can secure a piece of this space could see profits unlike anything they’ve seen before.

And for folks like you and me, these developments could become one of the biggest profit opportunities of our lifetimes.

I’d suggest you learn everything you can about it right now… and my colleague Michael Robinson has everything you’ll need to get started.

Michael is a Silicon Valley veteran with decades of experience in the tech world. He’s compiled a comprehensive research package of some of the most exciting 5G developments coming our way very soon, and he’s got a handle on a few tiny companies that could explode in value as 5G really takes off.

I have to say… this is some impressive research that’s a huge value-add to your angel investing toolbox.

It’s still under the radar as of right now… but it won’t be for very long. You’ll want to jump on this information right away before it potentially hits the mainstream.

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