Neil here.

Yesterday, we talked about the top three trends I’m eyeing in real estate over the next few months. And today, I want to continue with some actionable advice for exactly how you can take advantage of them all right now.

See, there’s a lot of money floating around in real estate (around $27.2 trillion in the U.S. alone), but that doesn’t mean that every single deal you see is worth your while.

And now that real estate has entered the equity crowdfunding market in full force, it’s more important than ever to learn exactly what you need to look out for when seeking out potential profit.

Below, I’ve pulled together three important questions you need to ask before investing in a real estate opportunity.

Each one of these questions will help you weed out the weak deals… and could help you score on a potential real estate winner.

Let’s get into it…

1. What is the property’s product/market fit?

It may sound a bit strange, but any piece of property – commercial and residential alike – is a product. And any product needs to fit its target market to be successful.

Let me give an example.

Say you’re eyeing an investment in a luxury high-rise apartment complex. Each unit will cost around $4,000 per month and will attract some of the wealthiest and most elite patrons in the world.

In what market is this property likely to succeed?

Would it succeed in a sparsely populated, rural area in the middle of nowhere? Or would it succeed in a densely populated and glitzy urban center?

If I were investing, I’d take my chances on the latter.

2. What is the property’s revenue potential?

With product/market fit comes the importance of revenue potential. In other words, what is the likelihood that this property will make any money?

It’s a tough line to tow. The property needs to fit its target market seamlessly, but it also needs to be unique enough to stand out from every other revenue-generating property in the area.

For residential properties, consider how well the property could attract tenants, developers, or other stakeholders.

And for commercial properties, consider what kind of product or service the property will end up selling… and whether or not that product is necessary right now.

3. Where is the property located?

This goes along with my first point, but I’m going to expand a little bit.

On top of a property’s product/market fit, it’s also important to consider whether its proposed location is primed for continued growth.

Always do your research to find out what kind of development the property’s location is expecting over the next few years.

What businesses are moving in (or out)?

What does the population look like now… and what are its projections down the line?

What is the average value of a property in that location? Is it expected to increase or decrease?

Ultimately, a property could have all the bells and whistles… but if it’s location won’t cater to it all, it’s not worth it.

Now, while there are a lot of great real estate opportunities out there, it’s rare to come across one that fully hits the mark on each question.

But we’re out here searching for potential winners, right? And I’ve stumbled on an opportunity that might be it…

It’s a 70,000-square-foot cannabis resort that’s one of the most unique private deals ever made available to everyday folks.

Based on the criteria I posed above, this property checks all of the boxes:

  • It’s right in the middle of one of the country’s hottest cannabis markets: Las Vegas.
  • It sits between three popular Vegas hotels, meaning thousands of potential customers could walk past its front door every single day.
  • And the company on track to own this property is valued at $26 million… and is projected to hit $2.4 billion in the year following IPO day.

And now, you can own a piece of this property (and share in its potential revenue boom) before it’s even developed.

I truly believe this could be the next great American business story in the making… but you only have a few more hours to learn how to take advantage of this deal recommendation.

At midnight tonight, the doors on this deal could be closed for good, so click here for all the details we are sharing.

I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel