It’s the Research Team again. Did you get our message yesterday?

If not, here’s the scoop. Yesterday, we introduced you to a company called Expert DOJO*, an international startup accelerator that works with some of the world’s highest potential early-stage companies.

Expert DOJO is the third most active startup in the country right now, behind TechStars and Y Combinator. They’re on a journey to become the next biggest accelerator in the game, and we wanted to pass along the details to you right away.

Investors in Expert DOJO have the opportunity for ownership in thousands of startup companies with just a single investment. You can check out yesterday’s breakdown of the company here.

Expert DOJO writes $100,000 checks to their portfolio’s founders to help them scale and gain traction. Around 75% of their portfolio is represented by minority and female-founded tech companies, groups that are often overlooked and undervalued in the world of venture capital.

Expert DOJO has already made 100 different investments in the last three years, and they plan to make 80 more this year. In the next 10 years, they’re targeting 1,000 different startup investments.

But what’s the kicker for you, the angel investor? Let’s talk about it.

Angel Investors v. Venture Capitalists

As you make your way through the world of private equity, you’ll likely hear a whole lot of jargon. Angel investor… venture capitalist… seed stage… Series A, B, C…. and so on. It’s like learning a brand-new language.

Here, we’re all about angel investing. As an angel investor, you’re investing your own capital into a company at the earliest stages of its development, usually long before it’s gained significant traction in the market.

But the beauty is that you’re investing in companies that you believe in. And in exchange, you get equity in a company that could make you a fortune if and when that company makes it to the big leagues.

Similarly, venture capitalists invest capital into startup companies they believe in, in exchange for equity. However, VCs invest institutional pooled funds, rather than their own individual capital. These investments tend to be larger than the average angel investment… sometimes hitting hundreds of millions of dollars in later stage rounds.

VCs often choose to invest in startup companies later in their growth and development, once the company has proven its product/market fit and business idea.

But between angel investing and venture capital investing, the end goal is the same. Investing in early-stage startups, whether you’re an angel or a VC, is your shot at raking in massive returns that you just won’t get by investing in public companies.

And while not every angel investment will pan out (it is a hits game, after all), it only takes one home run to see that kind of mindboggling profit.

That’s Where Expert DOJO Comes In

Expert DOJO recognizes that early-stage companies give investors a shot at the highest return on investment possible. That’s why they’ve made it their mission to open up the world of venture capital to more than just the elite and wealthy few.

This is a team that firmly believes every single ordinary investor should have access to these kinds of returns. Expert DOJO seeks out companies that convince them of their potential market traction with a solid revenue path to make it big.

Investors will get access to Expert DOJO’s shares, as well as access to specific companies vetted by the Expert DOJO team that they can invest in with preferential terms.

It’s a bit like being a venture capitalist, except you don’t need to be a partner at a fancy VC firm to get involved.

The Next Y Combinator?

Y Combinator is among the crème de la crème of the startup accelerator world. Chances are, you’ve heard of – and even used – many of Y Combinator graduates yourself.

We’re talking about Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Instacart, Dropbox, Coinbase, and more. These are companies that have created tens of thousands of jobs combined, are valued at millions (or even billions) of dollars, and have gone through major exits in the last months and years.

Even though it’s at an early stage, Expert DOJO is already the third most active startup accelerator in the country. And the company has already invested in a pipeline of high potential startups, that have increased in valuation by 300% in the last three years.

The Expert DOJO team believes they’re on the way to being the next Y Combinator. Its potential investors could be a part of that journey from the very start.

So, if this sounds like something interesting to you too, check out Expert DOJO’s campaign page. You’ll find even more information over there to help you decide if this is something you’d like in your own angel investing portfolio.

That’s all from us for today, but keep an eye on your inboxes. We’ll be back again soon.

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The Research Team

*Expert DOJO is not an official deal recommendation from the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network.