Running a startup is no easy task, especially in the early stages.

Generally speaking, a startup founder needs to be ready to deal with major setbacks on a regular basis. It’s part of the reason so many startups fail – lack of foresight and planning.

As an angel investor, you’re able to give your portfolio companies something they desperately need: capital.

But you have far more to offer these young businesses than just your cash.

And going the extra mile could mean the difference between a modest return… and a life-changing windfall.

If you want proof that this works, just look at my own life story. You already know that I went from emptying garbage cans to buying apartments on the Vegas strip, all thanks to angel investing.

Today, my system is nearly effortless. I’ve perfected my strategy for so long now… it’s really become more of a science than an art. I simply see how a startup measures up to my 1,000X Formula. If it passes, I invest. If it fails, I don’t.

The funny thing is that as my strategy became simpler… my track record got better and better. My 1,000X Formula truly changed the game. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish I’d started using it sooner. Once you see what it can do for your batting average, I think you’ll agree. (Click here to unlock the 1,000X Formula.)

But selecting your investments is just half of the battle. Even a winning pick will need a little help to get going.

See, early-stage startups are often composed of just a few team members, all of whom spread themselves thin to cover the companies’ many diverse needs. Dozens of skills are absolutely critical to the growth of a new business: product development, research, marketing, customer service, sales, accounting… the list goes on.

And, while it’s perfectly acceptable to write a check and let the entrepreneurs focus on the business, it can actually benefit you in the long run if you choose to lend your own expertise to the project.

Just check out the video above to learn more.

Until next time,

Neil Patel