Every year, I find that the angel investing world slows down a little bit during the holidays.

It makes sense. Not only do lots of companies take more time off in December, but many everyday investors tighten their purse strings too.

It’s no cause for alarm – soon enough, people start making New Year’s resolutions to step their game up, and the private markets come back in full force.

Still, during this slight “down time,” I like to turn my focus to other ways of making money.

And this year, I found something that completely changed the game.

It’s a massive global market that’s five times bigger than the ETF, stock and bond markets combined.

In fact, it’s the biggest market in the world – and its currencies are used to power industries like real estate, energy, biotech, healthcare, travel and more.

They’re called micro-currencies, and they’re already revolutionizing the way businesses make large transactions. They’re faster, safer, and more efficient.

And they’re making everyday people rich. I’m talking “invested in a unicorn” rich. Some savvy investors have walked away with once-in-a-lifetime gains… like 24,522%… or 61,714%.

While your average angel investment takes months or even years to mature, trading these micro-currencies can pay off in just a day or two. That’s what makes it such a perfect addition to our overall strategy.

I personally know of one guy – a former software engineer in California – who bought a small portfolio of these micro-currencies… then watched them explode. He was up more than 13,000% in just 90 days.

Like I said… rare, once-in-a-lifetime gains. That’s the power of this market.

I can’t wait to spend the holiday season trading these micro-currencies. It’s a brand new game for me, but I have a close friend and colleague who’s an absolute master. From what I hear, he can teach absolutely anyone how to harness this massive market – and potentially pull in epic returns too.

This Thursday, I want to introduce you to him. He’ll teach you more about this little-known opportunity… and how to get started trading these hot commodities yourself.

You won’t want to miss it.

Until next time,

Neil Patel