“I’m Investing $100,000 in the Rocket Fuel of the American Economy.” – Daymond John Star of ABC’s Shark Tank & Founder of FUBU



There is a special corner of the U.S. economy that, for centuries, was virtually off limits to Main Street American investors.

This was basically a secret market – or ultra-exclusive club – that counted our nation’s richest, most powerful and connected amongst its membership ranks.

A long time ago, it helped build American dynasties like the Vanderbilt’s and Rockefeller’s. JP Morgan certainly owed much of his fortune to it.

That’s because this exclusive club is where many of history’s greatest generational wealth opportunities have appeared.

Fast forward to present day and this private club has become the rocket fuel that propels our economy.

It’s now responsible for about $3 trillion a year in U.S. economic output. It’s also the #1 job creator – providing new jobs to more than 3.1 million Americans a year.

The members of this exclusive club don’t meet behind the doors of Fortune 500 boardrooms. Just the opposite.

You’ll find them striking deals in garages, dorm rooms, small laboratories, and factories from coast-to-coast. I should also mention, you’ve seen me on TV negotiating these types of deals.

Members of the club I’m speaking of are called angel investors. And they’re putting their money to work, backing the next generation of American visionaries at the beginning of their stories.

An article in Forbes magazine once stated that “Most families are missing out on a huge wealth creation opportunity.” Forbes was referring to angel investing in startups.

But finally, Congress has blown the doors open so everybody can join this once, ultra-exclusive club.

Now I’m going to do my part to help everyday Americans walk through those doors.

I’m launching a special mission. My goal is to discover our country’s next generation of innovators and visionaries.

I want to find them before the world knows them by one name like “Jobs, Gates, Bezos, or Musk”.

And I’m recruiting Main Street Americans like you to help me.

I’m going to invest $100,000 into these entrepreneurs’ small, privately-held companies. And thanks to Congress, you can now invest in startups with as little as $50.

Just imagine if you were given the chance to get in on the ground floor of “the Next” Airbnb or Uber.

In April of 2009, the “original” Airbnb was an unknown startup worth just $2.4 million. And Uber was valued at only $3.86 million back in September of 2010.

When Uber rang the bell on IPO day in 2019, its value had risen 1,811,817% to $69.94 billion.

A year later, Airbnb would join the NASDAQ, having soared 3,602,400% from its startup days to $86.46 billion.

From there, any gains IPO investors saw from those stocks were dwarfed by what the earliest angel investors experienced.

  • Join me and a small army of Main Street Americans and together we’ll identify those brave entrepreneurs who are building the startups that could change our country and the world.
  • If we succeed, we could help these visionaries create hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs while revolutionizing industries.
  • I’ve called in every favor to enlist some of the earliest angels in Airbnb, 23andMe, Coinbase, Draft Kings, Palantir, and Spotify to help our mission achieve its objectives
  • I’m also putting my money on the table, $100,000 to be exact, to help these entrepreneurs make their American Dreams come true.
  • Join me and maybe yours will as well. We’ve already identified the two startups that’ll launch our mission.

This mission is very personal to me, because I launched my startup in my mother’s basement during a recession.

Without my unsung hero – my first angel investor – I would’ve never been able to grow my $40 startup into a $6 billion fashion empire.

Now it’s time to pay it forward.

Join me and let’s get to work.

Daymond John