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Tuesday April 12, 1:00PM EST

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Dear Startup Investor,

We’re moving right along in the month of April…

Fortunately, this afternoon we’ll have some time to stop and smell the roses, because Episode 21 of Unicorn Hunting is just around the corner.

At 1 p.m. ET on Money Morning Live, the gang is back together, as myself, host Olivia Voz and KingsCrowd founder and CEO Chris Lustrino will be back on air to bring you three more angel investing opportunities that caught our eyes.

The startups we’re featuring on today’s show are really exciting – each in its own way.

However, there is truly no way to overstate the immense potential of our newest Unicorn of the Week, especially as society looks for ways to better transition to a clean-energy focused future…

In 2018, there were just 1.8 million electric vehicles on the road in America. By 2030, there will be 22 million. That’s a good thing as far as capping carbon emissions is concerned. However, for that to be viable, we’ll need to make some serious strides when it comes to infrastructure.

Currently, there are just 113,558 electric vehicle charging outlets in the United States. Of that number, 36% are in California. While that’s a good thing for the Golden State, it also underscores the undertaking that lies ahead if we as a country are going to successfully adopt this technology and transition away from fossil fuels.

This doesn’t even begin to acknowledge that not all charging outlets are compatible with all electric vehicles…

Well, if today’s Unicorn of the Week is successful, these problems could disappear. And, with 21 patents already in place, it’s swimming alone in these waters.

That’s not all we’re bringing to the table today (but you already knew that). Our other two startups are adding some really impressive stuff to their industries, as well. We’ve got a disruptor in the fast casual restaurant industry that’s already seen immense revenue growth during the pandemic. The other startup is looking to revolutionize the clean energy market as we know it via automation.

As if you needed more reason to watch… Go ahead and add today’s show to your calendar, because you’ll regret missing out on this episode.

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Tuesday April 12, 1:00PM EST

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And, as always, you can kill some hours before 1 p.m. ET by catching up on all of the previous episodes of Unicorn Hunting right here.

See you in a few hours.

Brian Mitchell
Director of Deal Flow