At this year’s Angels & Entrepreneurs Retreat, we had the privilege of hearing ten founders pitch their startups live to a panel of judges. Those in attendance got the first look, however, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to see (and invest in) all ten.

Leading off this series is none other than Million Marker, a startup focused on educating people on the toxins built into everyday life. Million Marker provides a way to track and measure individual exposure to toxic environmental chemicals via a mail-in test kit.

In this video, you can hear Million Marker founder and CEO Jenna Hua talk about the company’s creation, progress and long-term vision.

At the end of the pitch, Angels & Entrepreneurs’ Director of Deal Flow Brian Mitchell, KingsCrowd founder Chris Lustrino, and Shark Tank casting consultant Brandon Andrews will ask questions to the founders and share their thoughts on the businesses.

You’re sure to have a comprehensive understanding of these investment opportunities after watching, so don’t waste any more time.

After all, Million Marker’s crowdfunding campaign only has a few weeks until it closes, so be sure to check out their raise to learn more or invest.

We’ll talk soon.

The Research Team