It’s the Research Team. We love green technology here, which is why we talk about it all the time.

It’s a market worth over $11 billion that’s expected to reach $36 billion in just four years. But we’re not here to simply throw massive numbers at you – at least not without showing you some of the best opportunities raising within that market right now.

And in the world of greentech, there’s plenty to choose from.

Today, we’ve got two on the books, plus an extra opportunity we just couldn’t pass up. That’s three different opportunities, waiting for you right now.

Check them out:

Emrod: A long-distance, sustainable alternative to power lines

Power lines are expensive, clunky, and difficult to install across long distances – especially over challenging terrain like mountains and forests. That makes many areas virtually inaccessible to traditional electrical power – leaving them reliant on damaging diesel generators or without consistent power sources at all.

Enter Emrod. Led by a team of tech and science superstars, Emrod has developed a wireless power system designed specifically for making long-range energy transmission safe and reliable, especially for commercial purposes. TL;DR: Their system makes power transfer possible (and cheaper) between challenging locations without the need for external lines.

Emrod has partnered with Powerco, the second-largest electricity distribution company in New Zealand, as well as Callaghan Innovation, a New Zealand government innovation agency. Currently, Emrod has an indoor prototype that they plan to test later this year.

Now, here’s the unique part. Emrod is currently testing the waters on their Regulation CF campaign. Essentially, they’re gauging whether there’s enough investor interest in the company before officially launching their offering on Republic.

What does that mean for you? If you reserve, you’ll be invited to invest if and when Emrod files their Form C (the document required to launch a Reg. CF) and starts accepting investments. Your reservation is not an obligation to invest – you’re simply expressing interest in investing once the campaign goes live.

Emrod plans to raise up to $1.07 million, and they’ve already reserved almost three-quarters of that total amount. In other words, if and when this campaign launches, it’ll likely move fast. If you’re interested in learning more about these guys, head over to their campaign page on Republic.

Emrod – Total Reserved: $787,325

Fuel Gems: Decreasing dangerous fuel emissions by almost half

Electric vehicles aren’t just the future… they’re the right now. Experts predict that EVs and zero-emission vehicles will make up 70 percent of new-car cares by just 2040.

But here’s the thing… Electric vehicles are only as clean as the electricity they use. And right now, that electricity is dirty. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that 80% of the electricity used in the United States today comes from sources like coal and methane. Basically, if we don’t clean up our energy sources, switching over to electric vehicles won’t make much of a difference in the long run.

That’s where Fuel Gems comes in. They’ve developed a proprietary fuel additive that – when added to fuel – decreases dangerous emissions by up to 49.5%. The company reports that their product is 800x more effective than other fuel additives, and is up to 95% cheaper to boot.

The Fuel Gems team is no stranger to the startup game. Kirill Gichunts – CEO, Director, and Co-Founder – already has two exits under his belt. He even successfully completed an IPO, valued at $130 million. Fuel Gems itself has already completed a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising almost $1 million from over 1,200 investors in 2020.

Right now, Fuel Gems is raising again with an early-bird bonus for folks who get in within the next two days. In this case, getting in during the early-bird bonus can secure you 5% bonus shares… meaning you can get even more for your investment. You can check out the Fuel Gems campaign page by heading over to StartEngine.

FuelGems – Total Raised: $284,761 – Minimum Investment: $247.08

Bonus Opportunity: Bringing EV battery supply back to the United States

Speaking of electric vehicles… We heard about a company solving another major crisis the industry is facing, and we had to pass it on to you today.

Listen, this isn’t a startup company. But it’s not public on any U.S. exchange right now. In fact, it’s currently listed on a smaller, foreign exchange – and skyrocketed 1,147% there in just one year. Considering the Nasdaq (where this company is expected to list any day now) is worth much more, could do just as well here – or better.

What do these guys do? They’ve found a way to supply companies that recreate electric vehicle batteries, all without needing to rely on foreign countries for imported materials. That’s going to bring battery production back to the United States, making it cheaper and faster for U.S. EV companies to get their products to market.

The best part is that it’s only a $2 stock right now. Just two dollars. And despite how cheap it is to get in, these guys have been in business for almost a decade. It’s a rare opportunity to get in on a company that’s a pioneer in its industry… all without sacrificing an arm and a leg to do it.

Check out more details by heading over here.

That’s all from us for today, but stick around. We’ll be back tomorrow with more updates.

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