Dear Startup Investor,

Brian Mitchell here – Director of Deal Flow at Angels & Entrepreneurs.

Earlier this month, we hosted our second annual Angels & Entrepreneurs Retreat in sunny Austin, Texas.

It was easily the highlight of our year… between our incredible lineup of speakers, the chance to mingle with dozens of founders from all kinds of exciting industries, and finally getting to meet so many of you in person.

But the live pitch rounds we hosted on the final day were, by far, my favorite part.

We had 10 brand-new startups come to Austin to pitch their businesses LIVE to a panel of expert judges – not to mention an audience of hundreds of attendees, both in person and virtual.

We’ve gotten tons of requests for the list of pitch companies… so today, we’re giving the people what they want.

Here’s all 10 companies in order of appearance. Check them out, do your own due diligence, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  1. Fabulingua: A subscription-based app available on iOS and Android that harnesses the power of stories and gameplay to teach kids new languages more effectively than ever.
  2. For Bitter For Worse: Nonalcoholic, complexly crafted cocktails for adults who either can’t or no longer want to consume alcohol.
  3. ThisWay Global: An AI-powered talent acquisition and sourcing platform that matches candidates to openings based upon qualifications as opposed to implicit biases.
  4. Podetize: A podcast production company that makes podcasting easier, faster, and more profitable.
  5. Vel: A new type of coffee shop meant to foster a customizable, tier-based workspace depending on each customer’s needs.
  6. Joule Case: Stackable, modular battery packs you can combine to power anything from your cell phone to a massive music festival.
  7. Psycheceutical: State-of-the-art pharmaceutical delivery technologies that deliver psychedelic medicines safely and effectively.
  8. The Postage: A secure online platform to simplify your legacy management, whether it be creating or updating your will, planning your funeral, delivering posthumous messages to loved ones, making clear your dying wishes, and anything else your loved ones might need upon your death.
  9. UE Lifesciences: Breakthrough mobile devices for quick and portable screening for breast and cervical cancers.
  10. Million Marker: A mail-in urine test analyzing exposure to toxic chemicals, the overall toxicity of your environments, providing data-backed lifestyle improvement advice, and more.