Neil here.

Last month, I told you all about a revolutionary company that’s disrupting a $460 billion global engine industry.

They’ve designed patented engine tech that’s 2x more efficient than a gasoline engine and 10x smaller than a diesel engine.

Well, today, I have an exciting announcement: This company has officially launched their newest raise, meaning you can learn how to get in right now.

But what makes this company so special?

It’s all about predictable revenue.

Companies with more tangible products, such as this one, rely on customers right from the start. To see significant income, they need to have developed a product good enough to make a long-term dent in the market almost immediately.

That means these types of products need two characteristics:

  1. The product needs to solve a critical unmet need.
  2. The product needs to be unlike anything ever developed before.
These factors are extremely difficult to achieve.

I’ve seen way too many companies create products that are too gimmicky, too fad-focused, or just not a major improvement on anything else.

Among others, these are some of the biggest reasons startups fail.

And even when an early stage company has created a one-of-a-kind product, it has to be the best of the best to have a shot at billion-dollar status.

Usually, it’s hard for young companies to find even a few customers to try out their products.

So, when an early stage company is able to secure significant amounts of predictable revenue, it really piques my interest.

Not every company is lucky enough to make it that far.

This company has already secured over $10 million in revenue, with key contracts in place with the U.S. government. The Department of Defense and the Army are already testing this company’s engine tech… and these contracts have handed the company the potential for over $1 billion in revenue in the next few years.

This is an incredible achievement, and it all has to do with a changing engine industry.

The engine industry, generally speaking, is in need of an overhaul.

For too long, the world has relied on older, inefficient engine models that waste gas and energy.

The utilities sector as a whole has slowed down over the past five years and has been hit especially hard this year with the ongoing economic downturn.

It’s past time for us to turn our attention to more energy-efficient solutions… and no one knows it better than the military.

The U.S. military is the world’s biggest fuel consumer. The entire Department of Defense burns over 12.6 million gallons of fuel each day.

Outside the continental U.S., the military spends around $13 on one gallon of gas.

But when you calculate the total burdened cost of fuel – the cost of fuel trucks, the convoy guards, the personnel salaries, etc. – the total cost of military fuel comes to $1.2 billion per day.

Because of this, the Department of Defense aims to cut their fuel usage in half by 2025 and has funneled billions of dollars into programs exploring newer and more efficient solutions.

This company has just the kind of tech the military needs to save millions of dollars in daily fuel costs. And with over 50 patents, the team has their engine design locked down and protected from any potential duplicates.

With their combination of predictable revenue and government contracts, I’m confident in this company’s potential to hit unicorn status.

But your opportunity to share in that success is slipping away fast.

The company has already hit almost $2.9 million in investments since going live just yesterday… and I bet that number will be much higher by the time you read this.

That’s why I’m inviting you into the Private Dealroom today to get the details on this deal recommendation. You’ll want to pay close attention so you can learn exactly how to take advantage before the door closes.

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