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Cryptocurrency has quickly become one of the year’s many buzzwords. And with Tesla’s recent $1.5 billion Bitcoin buy-in, that momentum is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

In fact, I think Tesla’s move to adopt cryptocurrency at such a large scale will drive in a brand-new era for the space… one that’s been building for a while now.

This crypto gold rush will affect some of the largest and fastest-growing industries on the market right now, in both the public and private worlds.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this space over the coming months and years, and there’s potentially a whole lot of money to be made.

Here are my top three predictions for what we can expect to see from the cryptocurrency sector in 2021 and beyond…

  1. The electric vehicle industry will become even more sophisticated.

Tesla and Bitcoin working in tandem is about to do wonders for both parties. You see, Tesla just made Bitcoin even hotter… and Bitcoin just did the same thing for Tesla.

But aside from Elon Musk having a personal affinity for the coin, it makes sense that cryptocurrency’s bull run in general would benefit the EV industry as well.

Crypto is built on blockchain technology, a distributed digital record that makes tracking and storing information and transactions safer and more transparent. Blockchains experts around the world have high hopes that electric vehicle companies can use it to strengthen their own technology.

One example, as reported by the Blockchain Council, is that blockchain could let EV users share their private chargers across networks and allow both individuals and companies to trade and buy any excess charging energy without a regulatory authority.

With Tesla taking the charge on integrating crypto into the EV world, I doubt it’ll be long before we see this kind of development happen.

  1. Smaller cryptos could dominate technological innovation.

Over the past year, Bitcoin has become the crypto world’s darling… and for good reason.

At the coin’s peak levels on Monday, Bitcoin traded at a whopping $48,000. Today, it’s worth over $44,500, which is around 300% more than what it was worth in just July 2020.

But Bitcoin is only one part of a global currency market that sees over $5 trillion exchanged every single day. While Bitcoin (and others, like Ethereum) are the big names on the block right now, I expect to see a surge in smaller, specific-use cryptocurrencies happen very soon.

These “specific-use” cryptos are designed for unique technological purposes.

In other words, these are the types of coins that could fuel the technology of the future. When looking at the crypto world from a startup investor’s lens, I’m definitely bullish on this particular asset class.

Right now, there are three specific-use cryptos that I’m watching, and I think you should keep them on your radar, too. One analyst is breaking down all three of them… and he has an arsenal of information and research that could help you benefit from the entire crypto market as it continues to soar.

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  1. Tesla won’t be the last company to adopt cryptocurrency.

That Tesla invested so much of its cash into Bitcoin is a sure sign that crypto is ripe for adoption across a growing number of corporations. In fact, analysts from the Royal Bank of Canada recently predicted that none other than Apple could be the next Fortune 500 to buy into the space.

With its Wallet app and cashless payment system, Apple already has infrastructure that would support crypto adoption. If Apple does make that move, the company would likely dominate the crypto exchange space. The RBC report estimates that Apple could rake in over $40 billion, simply by jumping into the crypto ring.

The report also predicts that if Apple throws it weight behind cryptocurrency, the United States will likely own the most cryptocurrency assets in the entire world… making it extremely unlikely that the crypto industry’s growth will slow down here at all.

All in all, it’s already a great year to think about cryptocurrency. As always, we’ll have our ears to the ground for the latest developments in the space.

Do you think 2021 is looking promising for crypto? Make sure you let me know your take in the comments below!

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