56 million people die every year.

While the topic may seem grim, it is reality. A similarly grim reality is that it’s big business; in fact, death-care services are an industry worth north of $100 billion…

With all of the paperwork and necessary components involved in estate planning – and given the difficult implications of its consideration – it is often a subject that individuals and loved ones avoid. In fact, only 18% of people older than 55 have completed a will and other important estate-planning documents.

The Postage is a startup that is bringing estate planning into the digital age, making the planning and implementation immensely more efficient. This inherently confusing process can overwhelm already grief-struck individuals, and oversights and complications often cause gaps and mistakes.

The Postage founder Emily Cisek learned this firsthand when the death of a loved one forced her to undertake the estate-planning process. She immediately recognized the need for a simplified solution, and so she set out to provide it.

Watch Emily’s pitch in its entirety above, and be sure to stick around until the end to see what the panel of judges – Angels & Entrepreneurs director of deal flow Brian Mitchell, KingsCrowd founder and CEO Chris Lustrino and Shark Tank casting producer Brandon Andrews – had to say about the business.

After that, head over to The Postage’s crowdfunding page to learn all there is to know about the offering, which will be accepting investment until April 4.