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There are more than 6 million unemployed people in the United States. Taking that a step further, approximately 22 million people can be considered underemployed – that means their job doesn’t utilize their education, training or experience, or they’re only working in a part-time capacity.

What gets lost in that information is the number of times those people were passed over for jobs they were qualified for. These instances, out of their control and sometimes influenced by implicit biases rooted within the hiring system, are a major source of stress and inequity in employment process.

Even though recruitment is an immensely flawed system, it is also an immensely profitable one…

As of 2021, the recruitment industry was worth $470 billion.

In an industry this big, with such a big need for disruption, ThisWay Global is offering an alternative route to ensure that the people with the most skills and qualifications are given the best chance to be hired.

With today’s society placing an increased focus on racial equity and diversity, the time is now for technology meant to eliminate biases and foster equitable hiring practices.

Rather than simply analyzing an applicant for a single job listing, ThisWay Global analyzes each application for all open positions and ranks the applicants according to the best fit for the stated job requirements.

By eliminating datapoints that contribute to biases – name, gender, alma mater, or other demographical datapoints – the hiring process is turned into a meritocracy.

As a member of Google’s Startup Accelerator program and having been backed by Amazon, ThisWay Global has already made waves in the recruitment industry and earned impressive returns. For the 2022 calendar year, it projects an annual recurring revenue of $28 million.

In this pitch, you’ll hear ThisWay Global founder Angela Hood share what motivated her to start this company, discuss the startup’s impressive progress and give a peek into the future for her burgeoning recruitment powerhouse. Plus, you’ll hear the thoughts of the A&E Retreat panel of judges: Angels & Entrepreneurs director of deal flow Brian Mitchell, KingsCrowd founder and CEO Chris Lustrino and Shark Tank casting producer Brandon Andrews.

ThisWay Global’s Reg CF campaign is currently taking investment on WeFunder at a $40.5 million valuation with a minimum investment of $100. The raise will close April 30, 2022 or upon hitting its $5 million raise maximum.

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