In major urban areas, you seemingly can’t walk two blocks without finding a coffee shop.

The work-from-home lifestyle adopted by the masses since the start of the pandemic has turned many of these shops from transient destinations to makeshift workplaces, as more and more people seek to escape the solitude of their living spaces and carve out an environment that better fosters productivity.

With free Wi-Fi, caffeinated beverages, pastries and paninis, many of these shops offer customers almost everything they need to get through a workday remotely.

Everything except guaranteed peace, comfort and privacy.

That’s where VEL comes in.

By acknowledging the growing trend of workers making coffee shops into offices and creating a model around the idea, this startup seeks to change a $192 billion global market.

With varying seating and working arrangements available for reservation depending on the customer’s needs, it guarantees a flexible workplace fit for individual or group use without interruptions or prying eyes.

In the above pitch video, you’ll hear VEL co-founder and CEO Mo Hamzian discuss the business’ inception, the value he feels it brings to the industry, the company’s plan for expansion and more.

Don’t waste time, though; VEL raised more than half of its offering maximum in 7 days. Invest here.