In the world’s race to curb carbon emissions and combat global warming, there has been progress.

However, in some industries, that progress is more marginal than substantial.

While 43% of backup generators are now powered by natural gas – the largest segment in the industry – natural gas still only curbs carbon emissions at 30% the rate of diesel. While this is an improvement, it is still just the lesser of two evils.

This roughly $5 billion market has been thrust into the spotlight following the increase in natural disasters and the precarious nature of the country’s power grids. As families and individuals look for options for their backup energy source, the need for a sustainable, clean-energy solution is greater than ever.

That’s a big reason why Joule Case is such an interesting startup.

Its patented, portable, renewable electric solution to backup energy takes advantage of the 87% decrease in cost of batteries throughout the past decade. As a result, it offers consumers a customizable backup energy source; if users need more power, they can simply stack multiple Joule Case batteries to address their needs.

With Joule Case, gone are the days of noisy, smelly, clunky, pollutive gas generators.

One of the biggest users of gas generators is music festivals. In fact, 70% of the carbon footprint of these large events stems from the emissions from generators. Joule Case has already earned serious interest from this sector, and it has already secured a $100 million in letter of intent from one of the biggest event organizers.

Plus, the event power market is growing quickly with a 25% CAGR through 2025.

In the above pitch video, Joule Case founder and CEO James Wagoner discusses the proprietary technology behind the startup, the immense and growing need for its application and vision for its future.

As always, you’ll hear questions from A+E director of deal flow Brian Mitchell, Shark Tank casting producer Brandon Andrews and KingsCrowd founder and CEO Chris Lustrino at the end of the presentation.

Joule Case’s Reg CF campaign will remain open until April 30, however, with roughly three-quarters of its maximum already raised, time is of the essence to secure your seat at the table.

For what it’s worth, A+E featured Joule Case as one of its recommended investments in early February. You can read the entire Due Diligence Package for the company here.

The Research Team