Before I say anything else, I want to make absolutely sure that we’re on the same page.

The contents of this email are confidential. It’s extremely important that you do not forward this message to anyone.

Now that we have that out of the way…

I wanted to talk to you some more about the Dealroom.

It’s the top-secret room in the basement of our headquarters where we keep all of our confidential deal flow materials. I’m talking about contact information for CEOs and VCs… deal terms… due diligence research from the team… you name it.

Now, typically the way our deal flow process works is kept under lock and key (and I mean that literally). Only a few people come in and out of the Dealroom… and those that do have to sign NDAs first.

Once everyone’s in, the door gets locked behind us. And that’s when the magic starts.

The Dealroom is where my team makes all of our most important decisions. It’s where we spend hours upon hours poking holes in startups’ business plans. We do everything we can to dig up dirt on the founders. We parse out complicated termsheets and make projections based on revenue, burn rate, total addressable market, and much more.

To put it simply, the Dealroom is where we make or break each and every deal we consider and recommend.

Many of the world’s greatest angel investors have rooms just like this one. Here’s why: some of the best deals out there are startups operating in “stealth mode.” That means only a few privileged folks know that the startup even exists, let alone that it’s raising capital.

So when it’s time to deliberate, it’s critically important that no information is leaked. Hence the NDAs.

But this Wednesday, December 11th, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m opening the doors to the Private Dealroom for one of our deal analysis meetings – but only to a very small audience.

Historic, unprecedented, maybe even crazy – you could call it all of those things. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But I told you when you signed up for The Startup Investor that I wanted to open the doors for everyday people to access the life-changing wealth potential angel investing provides. And I don’t intend to abandon that mission anytime soon.

Because of your membership status, I’d like to officially extend you an invitation.

The startups we’re digging into this time are companies that I’m putting thousands of my own dollars into – in some cases, tens of thousands.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. These particular opportunities were specially structured so that anybody can participate – a real rarity when it comes to deals this unique. In fact, anyone attending this meeting can invest alongside the team and I for just a couple hundred dollars.

All you need to do is RSVP to attend. You’ll be immediately registered for this event, and will be first in line to receive exclusive information – including the password to get in. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to unlock the Dealroom doors. Just click here to reserve your spot.

But I can’t stress this enough: once you RSVP, please do not spill the details of this meeting to anybody.

I’m putting all my trust in you, Startup Investor – so I sincerely hope you can attend.

Talk soon.

Until next time,

Neil Patel