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The thing about a bully is he can turn on you without warning.

He’s unpredictable. No one likes unpredictable. Stock market investors probably least of all.

So, with Putin raging war on the European Continent, it’s not surprise that markets are whipsawing their way into bear market territory. All the while, commodities are booming. Cryptocurrencies – especially Bitcoin – are staging an epic rebound. But there’s no telling how long that will last either. Uncertainty and the resultant volatility is the name of the game for stock investors. It’s brutal.

But there is one type of investor who isn’t riding a daily rollercoaster at the whims of Putin, COVID or any other volatility generator…

It’s you: the startup investor.

With the events transpiring in Eastern Europe, there is uncertainty touching nearly every industry. A single headline can send ripples throughout the markets and tank previously strong investments. That’s where you have the advantage as a startup investor. Because unlike stocks, startup investments aren’t subject to such constant fluctuation. They don’t operate on the whims of global news or sanctions.

Sure, day traders might hesitate to get involved with crowdfunding campaigns due to the longer investment horizon, they’re making a costly mistake. But you know what they don’t – that they will never realize the returns of startup investors.

By the time these companies are listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE, they have already realized their most substantial gains. For example, let’s look at Coinbase, the industry-leading cryptocurrency investment platform. After Coinbase IPOed in April 2021, it eventually reached a market cap of $65.39 billion. Since then, that market cap has fallen to $41.49 billion, as those who bought following its IPO have seen their investments lose value.

However, all the way back in May 2013, Coinbase raised money in a Series A offering at a valuation of $21.4 million. That means that today, early investors in this company have realized 1,938X returns. If those investors sold their shares when Coinbase peaked in November, those would have been 3,183X.

While it took 8 years for early investors to realize these astronomical returns, they are surely lifechanging. Suffice to say, patience pays off. That’s the advantage afforded to angel investors. And that advantage is no longer reserved for the wealthiest individuals.

Now, anybody is able to invest in crowdfunding campaigns for as little as $100.

The key is figuring out which startups are the right ones to invest in – and that’s where Angels & Entrepreneurs comes in. Our research team scrutinizes every currently crowdfunding company and handpicks those they feel have the most upside and deserve the strongest investment consideration.

This deal flow is usually reserved for the top venture capital firms, but that’s not the case anymore. We’re here to put the power in your hands and help you realize the types of returns that turn investment beginners into multimillionaires.

That’s the power of angel investing, and that’s why we’re so excited to help guide you on your journey.

The next Coinbase could be taking investments right now…

Don’t get left in the dust.

The Research Team