We hope you’re enjoying the holidays and staying safe (and healthy) with family and friends.

We said this same thing last Christmas, but can we just take a second to appreciate how completely bizarre the past year has been?

Even if you look past all the COVID chaos… this was a strange year, especially in the tech world.

The Clubhouse app went from an exclusive waitlist, to everyone’s obsession, to mostly irrelevant in a matter of months…

Billionaires and other civilians launched into outer space…

Consumers, collectors and investors forked over tens of millions of dollars for NFTs that to most people are no different than JPEG files…

Facebook changed its name to Meta and launched a virtual world for people to visit…

Like we said – a weird year.

But this is exactly what we mean when we say that times of economic downturn are fertile grounds for innovation by startups. Think about it: Uber, Airbnb, Square, and Spotify were all founded during the last major financial crisis.

We knew that while 2021 was an incredibly difficult year for people, there would be a silver lining: a fresh wave of new and advancing tech with the potential to generate billions of dollars in new wealth.

It’s already happening – just look at that list above. And yeah, you might not understand NFTs, but there’s no denying that this brand-new market is a goldmine… one that experts say could hit $1 trillion a few years from now.

In all likelihood, the biggest winners in the NFT space will be those who jumped in before it took off. And the same thing is about to happen with quantum computing.

This technology is on the brink of a massive breakthrough – and once it emerges, it’s expected to disrupt every industry on the planet.

Inc. Magazine says it will be one of “the most radical shifts in the history of science.”

Problems even our fastest supercomputers can’t solve will suddenly be back in play. Eradicating cancer, ending world hunger, reversing climate change… it could all be on the table soon.

Venture capitalists have been quietly pumping massive amounts money into this space all year – in fact, Pitchbook data shows that more money went into quantum computing startups this year than the previous three years combined.

“Following the smart money” is a strategy many seasoned angels use to make better investing decisions. And when giants like Amadeus Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners get on board, it’s wise to take a closer look.

Which is exactly what Silicon Valley insider Michael Robinson has done. He’s identified a tiny company that just developed the most powerful quantum computer in the world – 16,000 times more powerful than their next-closest competitor.

They have 60 patents and applications protecting their tech… and massive companies like Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, and Airbus committed to using it.

They’re projecting a 100-fold revenue surge between now and 2026 – and if they’re even just mostly right, that makes right now the moment before “takeoff.”

Just click here to learn more about the company behind this massive breakthrough.

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The Research Team