Neil here.

Right now, I’m sitting in my home office, catching up on all the news I missed while I was asleep last night.

This is the new normal: things change so quickly that we miss breaking headlines while we sleep. And I don’t just mean headlines about the virus itself. The markets are changing just as quickly as the news.

Today, it looks like the public markets are swinging back up a bit – but I’m not fooled. Despite the constant whipsawing we’ve seen, the big picture still shows a historically significant pullback – the impacts of which we’ll feel for months to come.

The private equity world has a bit more protection against these fluctuations, because their investors are unable to buy and sell their shares at will. Still, startup success can be affected by all the same things – world news, stock market performance, and cultural shifts.

As an angel investor, you’ll need to know how these factors could impact startup funding and success. Which is why, last week, I sat down with hundreds of members of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network to answer their questions and provide whatever wisdom I could.

If you missed this online event, it’s not too late – you can check out the free replay above. Whether you’re just starting out as an angel investor… or you’ve got dozens of deals under your belt… I hope you’ll find some useful insights in the video.

And by the way… There’s much more information coming your way soon. This Friday at noon EST, I’ll be bringing in another expert to discuss something I’ve received countless questions about lately: the cannabis industry.

There’s been a lot of talk recently that this space could be gearing up for another huge boom soon. The last time that happened, a lot of savvy investors made a fortune.

So, if you have any questions about where the cannabis industry is… where it’s headed… or how you should play it… you won’t want to miss your opportunity to ask this expert.

Just click here to register – and feel free to send me your questions in advance. You can reach me directly at

If you’re just starting out learning about cannabis investing, I do suggest that you spend some time researching the space before Friday. There’s so much information out there about cannabis investing – but so much of it is contradictory, confusing, or just plain wrong.

If you’re looking for a great resource, written by some of the most seasoned folks in the industry, I can’t recommend the Pot Profits Roadmap highly enough. It’s packed with real data and keen insights that will get you up to speed right away – and best of all, it’s backed by a professional-grade research team. Just click here to learn more.

We’ll talk soon.

Until next time,

Neil Patel