Neil here.

Let’s be honest about blockchain for a second.

We all know how important this emerging tech already is… and we have yet to understand the full scope of its impact.

Blockchain is touted as the greatest disruptor of our generation – a new force of innovation that will one day touch every part of our lives.

But if you ask most people to explain blockchain to you, you’ll probably get an answer that’s somewhere between nonexistent and half-baked.

That’s because blockchain is confusing (there, I said it). The principles that support it are simple enough in concept – decentralization, for example – but its function and use cases can be tough to understand.

Which is why the Blockchain Institute of Technology caught my eye.

BIT, currently raising on StartEngine, is a Miami-based organization providing credentialed education and certification programs in blockchain technology at scale. So far, they’ve raised just over $27,000 – so if you invest, you could be one of the earliest people to claim a spot on their cap table.

BIT is a global program. So far, they’ve already enrolled over 100,000 students from over 180 different companies. They’ve also secured a federal trademark for their education and certification services – delivered both online and offline, anytime and anywhere.

Some of BIT’s current clients include senior executive teams from companies like the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), Ernst & Young, the Central Bank of Curacao & St. Maarten, and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico. Every single certificate issued by BIT is recorded directly on the blockchain – meaning it can be verified independently for accuracy.

The founding team is impressive, too. Chairman and CEO George Levy, for example, is a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert who was a co-founding team member of, an internet startup acquired by Microsoft back in 2001.

At first glance, this company checks many of the criteria boxes I use when vetting deal opportunities. It belongs to a massive market, it has an experienced founding team, it has a solid client list, and their services are trademarked.

Plus, they’re still young… with plenty of room for growth. They’re worth just $10 million right now – a tiny valuation compared to where they could end up. If BIT were to one day hit unicorn status, they’d be looking at a 9,900% increase in value.

That’s not a far-fetched prediction, either. Coursera, an online education and training platform, went public in April 2021 at a $7 billion valuation. If BIT went public one day at the same valuation, that would be a 69,900% increase in value from where it is right now.

But what really strikes me about BIT is its potential to take blockchain from another confusing buzzword to a concept that everybody understands. They’re enabling more businesses and individuals around the world to understand blockchain and make it easier to become an expert (check it out here).

That’s more important than ever these days.

For me, I tend to think about blockchain in the context of cryptocurrency… because crypto wouldn’t exist without blockchain. As the market’s biggest coins continue to creep up in value (Bitcoin has officially made it past $50,000 again), it’s crucial to understand the mechanisms behind blockchain, too.

But it’s not just Bitcoin that’s making waves. In fact, I think there are opportunities out there with an even bigger potential than Bitcoin.

They’re called altcoins. These opportunities are smaller than Bitcoin, but often have a larger and faster growth potential – meaning you can get in at a much cheaper price and hopefully watch their values explode. One of the coins I’m eyeing could even trade at $88.56 in the next 8 months, a 638% increase from its $5 price at the beginning of 2021.

So if you’re interested in blockchain or crypto, I have a report for you to check out. It’s a list of three altcoins to keep an eye on – and learn how to buy in on – today. Click here to access it now.

Have a great rest of your day, and I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel