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Despite a still-undecided presidential election, the public markets are surging today.

As I write this, the Dow Jones is up over 490 points (1.78%). The Nasdaq is up another 393 points (3.53%), and the S&P 500 has gained almost 83 points (2.46%).

But now is not the time to be complacent.

We’re still deep in one of the most volatile periods the markets have ever seen.

And upcoming election results, whenever they may officially land, could potentially swing the market pendulum all the way back.

In other words, it’s extremely important to remain cautious right now.

Part of remaining cautious should include snapping up market opportunities that have shown consistent growth despite this year’s political and economic climate.

Outside of my own angel investing career, I’ve spent a good portion of 2020 searching for these kinds of big market breaks.

And right now, I’m extremely bullish on one particular public sector that’s already shown double-digit year-to-date growth:


Recently, we chatted about how crypto is likely to create a massive startup revolution in just the next few years.

The industry’s top experts have predicted that startup-land’s next Big Tech superstar will likely be a company built on cryptocurrency… blockchain, specifically.

And here’s the thing… that news dropped only two weeks ago.

Since then, cryptocurrency has absolutely gone through the roof.

Bitcoin (BTC), for example, is up nearly 87% year-to-date.

In just the last week alone, Bitcoin gained 10%… rocketing it past $13,000 to the highest levels it’s seen all year.

Today, it’s worth around $13,900, and it’s poised for even more mind-boggling growth over just the next few months.

In fact, my colleague Tom Gentile predicts Bitcoin will be worth $15,000 by year-end. By 2030, he expects a single Bitcoin to be worth a whopping $500,000.

But it’s not just Bitcoin that’s about to potentially explode very soon.

In fact, Tom is predicting a massive market event that’s expected to hit the crypto sphere by November 30th… and it’s moving way faster than he anticipated.

This upcoming anticipated event is critical to the entire microcurrency and cryptocurrency markets… meaning there are about to be dozens of opportunities to trade for massive gains.

Tom is already expecting at least 10 more 1,000% gains this year alone… and that’s being conservative.

However, trading these types of digital currencies can be really confusing.

Tom’s goal is to guide you through the entire process, beginning to end, and provide you every single week with the best opportunities possible for triple and quadruple gains.

If you’re interested in learning…

  1. All of the details on this once-in-a-lifetime anticipated event…
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I highly suggest you follow Tom’s lead. He’s the industry’s leading trading expert, and there’s no one who knows this stuff more than him.

But you’re up against the clock.

You’ll need to move fast on this opportunity before it’s gone for good… so make sure you get all of the details you need right now.

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