Have you ever ridden in one of Tesla’s souped-up Model S cars?

These high-performance electric vehicles are insanely powerful (and pretty showy, too). But if you know anything about Elon Musk, you know how much he loves being outrageous.

That’s probably why he created ‘Insane Mode.’ It’s a button that, when pressed, launches the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in around three seconds. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend looking up a video of it. All I’ll say here is that it definitely lives up to its name.

But I digress. My point is that when Tesla makes moves, they go big. And TSLA stock is no different.

This morning, shares jumped sharply, adding more than 15% to their value before the opening bell had even rung. Add that to the 20% they gained yesterday and you’re looking at a pretty striking picture.

So what’s behind all this sudden growth? It could be because analysts are starting to favor the pick. Or maybe it’s tied to the recent news that Tesla’s battery-building partnership with Panasonic is finally profitable.

To be honest, though, I think part of it stems from the recent announcement of the brand new Cybertruck.

It’s a crazy-looking, fully electric pickup truck that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s all sharp angles and brushed steel and blacked-out windows. And the coolest part (at least to me)? They’re releasing a version of the Cybertruck that’ll include an enormous solar panel on its roof – adding 15 miles per day to the truck’s range. That’s about half of the average American’s daily mileage.

There’s more than one reason to get excited about this. Obviously, it’s pretty cool to think that someday our highways might be full of solar-powered cars that can recharge themselves while driving.

But I’m more excited about the big picture here: solar power is back.

Let me explain. This sector, while still successful, has experienced somewhat of a lull over the past few years. But that’s about to change – and fast.

Many experts believe that solar power could make oil obsolete in just a few years… and the world’s biggest companies are taking notice.

Google is investing $300 million into this sector. Apple is in for nearly $1 billion. And dozens of other Fortune 500 companies are following suit.

Their timing couldn’t be better. Recent technological advances could soon turn this into one of the most efficient energy sources ever.

Based on projections by the International Energy Agency, the solar energy industry could grow by close to 80,000% in the coming years. And one tiny company sits at the very center of all this potential.

Not only do they have revolutionary tech – they’ve protected their piece of this up-and-coming market with more than 200 patents.

You’ve probably never even heard of this company. But a few years from now, it could be another one of those unbelievable success stories. And if that happens, its shareholders could stand to make an absolute killing.

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