Hey Startup Investor,

Daymond here.

Startup investing means more than just putting your money behind a company and waiting for a return.

By investing in startup companies, you’re wielding power that any other kind of investor just doesn’t have… the power to back the next companies that could push our country forward.

Startups – and startup investors – are the keys to keeping the economy going. It takes guts to follow through on an idea and build a company from scratch, and it takes guts to invest in that idea… especially when it’s at its earliest stages.

But that’s exactly why I firmly believe the American Dream wouldn’t exist without startup companies and their investors. That belief stems from a few key reasons. Let’s talk about them.

When I launched FUBU, I had just $40 to my name. Today, FUBU is a $6 billion brand and over the years we’ve created thousands of jobs for hardworking people across the country.

Now, I’m not the only one who has achieved that kind of success… that kind of American Dream. Every single company begins with a vision. Behind that vision is an entrepreneur with the drive to build a company into something bigger than they could have ever dreamed.

Of course, not every startup founder is that lucky. But those that make it have the power to change the world and create the next companies that could get us through the hardest of economic times, and generate billions of dollars in the process.

And not to mention, startups create jobs. Hundreds of thousands of them.

Anytime the economy has suffered, small businesses and startup companies have been what gets people back on their feet – both through the power of job creation and the wildest, most visionary innovators who push us forward again.

When innovators put their heads together, the opportunities are limitless. But while building out ideas and creating jobs are both extremely important parts of our economy, the power of startup companies goes beyond just that.

You see, the other side of the coin lies with you… the investor. Imagine if you could have invested in Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, or any other company that dominates the tech world today. Amazon’s angel investors, for example, saw returns over 14,000,000%… but Amazon’s angels weren’t everyday folks like you.

Luckily, all of that has changed. Today, you have the chance to share a real part of a startup company’s future success story. By investing in startup companies, you can create wealth not only for yourself, but for your family and your next generations to come.

That type of generational wealth is what makes startup investing such an important facet of our economy. By investing in startups, you are investing both in the future of your family and the future of this country.

Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves that chance. And together, as a community of startup investors, we can fight to bring these opportunities to everyone… not just the people at the top who have had that wealth at their fingertips for years.

That’s exactly why I’m here. I became the person I’ve always wanted to be because of these types of opportunities… and I want to pay it forward. I want to show you how to wield your power as an investor, find the best opportunities out there, and build your wealth for years to come.

It starts right now, so make sure you stick around. Next week, I’ll be back to tie this all together and talk about the best ways to support your portfolio’s startup companies… beyond just your initial investment.

Have a great rest of your week, and we’ll talk soon.

Daymond John