Neil here.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about how I personally choose the startups I invest in.

Obviously the fundamentals of the business itself are important – the product, customer traction, financials, and so on – but there’s one thing I value above all else when it comes to these tricky decisions.

I’m talking about the founding team. One of the best ways to boost your chances of making a great return is to hitch your star to a great founder’s wagon, so to speak.

After all, a founder who’s already steered a past venture to a huge exit has already learned many of the tough lessons that rookies have to deal with.

In my opinion, the best founders out there have both an amazing track record and an amazing vision for their business. Experience + vision = execution.

So when you find a star founder, you want to pay attention. Believe me.

There are certain founders that, when they come to me for an investment, I will literally write a check without even knowing what their business idea is. That should give you an idea of how important this is.

And it’s why I’m so excited about the founder I’m about to introduce you to.

This guy is the real deal. I know him personally – he actually appeared to speak at my last event.

He’s founded a Fortune 500 company that reached a $50 billion market cap.

He had a huge role in launching the $96 billion online gaming industry.

And most importantly… his last investors could have made 10,000 times their money.

Already, he’s helped to fund projects from dozens of diverse industries… from robotics companies to film studios to drones to electric cars and more.

All told, he’s responsible for more than $100 million in total startup funding. And now he’s starting up his next venture.

The best part is that this opportunity is not reserved for accredited investors with millions in the bank. He’s opening the doors so that everybody can get a chance to benefit from the kinds of rare investments that could turn $10 into $10,000.

And his latest company could hand you an equity stake in dozens, maybe even hundreds, of different startups. That means that with one investment of just a few hundred bucks… you could have hundreds of chances to find that next unicorn.

I invited him to join me for a teleconference so that he can explain more about what he’s got planned… and I want you to hear it too. Just click here to tune in.

Until next time,

Neil Patel