Neil here, with big news.

One of the most impressive startups I’ve ever seen is officially accepting reservations for a brand-new Series B financing round.

They’ve created a breakthrough medical device that’s tackling one of the biggest and most frequent problems faced in medicine.

In fact, I’m positive this is a problem that you or someone you love has faced before: knee replacement surgery.

Since the last time these guys raised – in April 2020 – their valuation has rocketed from $21.25 million to $75 million… an almost-4X increase.

And this time around, they’re offering you a chance to claim 10% bonus shares for certain investors who reserve a spot on their VIP list right now…

Now, I could go on and on about all of the cool perks available to this company’s potential investors… but above everything, I believe in this company’s ability to hit unicorn status and help hundreds of thousands of people along the way.

Simply put, this company checks off every single one of my boxes. Here are three of the most important reasons why I think you should check them out right now…

1. This company solves one of medicine’s biggest problems.

Every year, around 600,000 Americans go through knee replacement surgery.

That’s around 1,600 surgeries a day, making knee replacement surgery one of the most common procedures in the medical world.

And as the average age of procedure continues to get lower year over year, these types of surgeries will only become more common.

But there’s a huge problem

Only one type of knee implant is available on the market right now, and it’s far from perfect.

It doesn’t customize to patients’ unique joint structures, meaning every single patient gets the exact same off-the-rack implant that’s not measured properly.

And a bad knee implant isn’t just uncomfortable for the patient. It can wiggle around, loosen, and potentially shatter… leading to a potential loss of function and even more money spent on replacement and repair surgery.

One in five Americans with knee implants have reported not being satisfied with their knee replacements… a huge number considering the cost and frequency of the procedure.

That’s exactly what this company is on its way to fixing.

Their new device uses state-of-the-art 3D printing and robotic technology to create ultra-personalized knee implants that fit each patient’s joints like jigsaw pieces.

With this type of technology, knee replacements are about to become safer, more successful, and more comfortable across the board.

Not to mention, if even a couple hundred doctors across the country adopt this tech, this company could see a revenue explosion within just a couple of years.

Which leads me to my next point…

2. This company has a massive total addressable market (TAM).

A company’s total addressable market, or TAM, tells investors what the revenue potential is for a particular product or service.

It’s one of the most important factors in deciding whether a deal is worth your money. A small TAM is a prime reason why I’ve turned down plenty of investment opportunities throughout my career.

These days, I only invest in startups with massive TAMs of $1 billion or more.

While plenty of good businesses have small TAMs… the big guys are the ones who could one day build your fortune.

The company I’m talking about today exists in a $19 billion global joint replacement market that’s expected to hit $26 billion by just 2026.

And I already mentioned that since April, this company’s valuation has climbed to $75 million.

That’s a huge number by itself, but it’s really only a sliver of this company’s potential.

These guys have the potential to become a $2.5 billion company in just the next couple of years… meaning they could one day dominate 3% of the entire joint replacement market.

3. This company is run by an all-star management team.

The golden rule of angel investing is that every single great idea is only as great as its founding team. I will never put my money into a company if I don’t believe in their management.

Luckily, this company’s team is one of the best I’ve ever met.

At the helm is Dr. Doug, an award-winning doctor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

He’s also a world-class orthopedic surgery who has performed over 6,400 join replacement surgeries over his 17-year career.

Dr. Doug and his whole team have hustle. And I suspect they have just what it takes to grow this business into one of the biggest names the medical world has ever seen.

Currently, Dr. Doug’s company is “testing the waters,” meaning that they’re waiting on SEC approval for their new financing round.

This is good news for you.

By reserving your stake now, you’ll the first in line to join their offering, if and when it’s approved by the SEC… And you’ll be eligible for 10% bonus shares that’ll give you an even bigger stake than what you pay for.

Not to mention, you’ll also be one of the earliest investors in a company with the potential for unicorn status within the next few years (And you can do it all for just $250!).

Just click here for all the details on how to invest. You’ll have to hurry… because this opportunity could end at any minute.

I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel