Neil here. Let’s talk about one of the most iconic “characters” in Silicon Valley: the serial entrepreneur.

A serial entrepreneur is a founder who keeps coming up with new ideas and launching new businesses. There’s plenty of money to be made that way… but a true serial entrepreneur is driven by more than just dollar signs. For them, launching and scaling businesses is a thrill like no other… and they can’t seem to stop.

Plenty of folks get a bad taste in their mouths just thinking about it. After all, a founder who launches five companies in ten years isn’t likely to be able to see any one of those projects through to the end. It’s a bit of a commitment issue.

But love them or hate them, serial entrepreneurs are part of the reason that startup-land is able to move so nimbly. Many of the most prominent figures in the tech world have long and diverse histories of launching businesses.

Take Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who subsequently launched Square (both publicly-traded companies today). Or Elon Musk; he’s founded at least six big ones, including SpaceX, PayPal, and Tesla.

Technically speaking, I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur myself – though I’ve stayed with my companies through the long haul.

What it really comes down to is hunger – for solutions to problems, for self-betterment, and for the next hustle. Win or lose, at least serial entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to try.

Courage and hustle are two of the qualities I most respect in a person, startup founder or not. Which is exactly why I immediately took a liking to Andrew Keene.

He’s not the founder of a fledgling company, but his story has many of the same elements you might find in a typical “started in our dad’s garage” come-up tale.

He was working at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, got too big for his britches, and lost more than half a million bucks in one bad trade. He was broke – hit rock bottom – ran off to Thailand to teach English to children at a Buddhist temple.

In a way, it was like his first “venture” was a bust. But Andrew has the hustle gene… which means he’s basically hardwired to never give up.

He spent some time studying the markets… came up with a prototype for a trading system… and took a huge leap of faith. He transferred his last $100K into his trading account and went for it.

And the hustle paid off. A few short years later, he was a multimillionaire. His system was – and still is – a smashing success. And now, he’s making a great living teaching everyday people to take advantage of that same system. Talk about a successful second venture, right?

I took a look at what Andrew does each morning in the trading room, and all I can say is… I cannot believe how easy it is to follow his instructions. As someone who’s not much of a stock market guy, that’s massively important to me. And it means that his model could have what it takes to scale – and to show thousands of people learn their way around his unique trading system’s amazing capabilities, so that they can change their lives just like he did back in Thailand.

Just click here to learn more about Andrew’s Live Trading Room. You’ll get to hear real stories from real people his research service has helped… plus plenty of other important information.

I’ll be back soon.

Until next time,

Neil Patel