If there’s one thing life in quarantine has taught me, it’s the importance of practicality.

A few months ago, the products that were flying off the shelves were just so… frivolous.

Recreational drones… DNA testing kits for dogs… waterproof smart speakers… Hell, I know a guy who recently spent upwards of a thousand bucks so that he could tell his Amazon Alexa to turn every light in his house on and off (with custom colors, too).

It all seems so unnecessary now. Today, consumers can’t get enough of toilet paper. Antibacterial soap. All my local stores are out of baking powder and flour… and nobody’s talking about the latest gadget anymore.

Which is why I’ve noticed a strong trend in startup-land towards companies that create tangible solutions to the real problems we face every single day. Because even when this is all over and we return to our “normal” lives, it’s going to take much longer for us to feel like we can spend money on frivolities without feeling a little bit guilty or concerned.

It all ties back to one of my core investing philosophies: always look for startups that solve a problem. Sure, one could argue that boredom is a problem – one that could be solved by a recreational drone, perhaps. But the most profitable companies are those that make something people will need, even when they’re struggling to buy toilet paper.

I recently spoke to the founder of a company that’s making something undeniably necessary. In fact, it’s becoming more necessary each and every year.

I’m talking about knee implants. Right now, 600,000 Americans undergo knee replacement surgery annually. That number is increasing every year as the average age of the procedure gets lower. Not only are people harder on their joints than ever before, but other factors, including obesity, are becoming more prevalent too.

The problem, of course, is that joint replacements are a terrible ordeal to go through. You probably know at least one person who’s had a knee or hip replacement… and if you do, you know how rare it is for a replacement to be completely successful. Many of them require follow-up surgery a few years later; the majority of the others may cause lifelong pain and discomfort.

That’s where this startup comes in. They’re using state-of-the-art technology to try to make knee and hip replacements safer, more successful, and more comfortable for patients. Here’s how it works…

First, a patient’s existing joint is digitally scanned. Then, a 3D printer creates a nearly exact replica of the patient’s joint – its unique shape and size, which varies from person to person. Finally, a futuristic robotic arm performs the surgical drilling required for extremely precise placement. The result is a completely bespoke implant – and preliminary studies show that it could be up to 7X more stable than the current standard.

If that proves to be true on a large scale, I have no doubt that this company’s proprietary custom implants could become the new standard in this $19 billion (and growing) field. Right now, they’re raising up to $20 million to take their company to the next level and seek FDA approval for their implant solution.

The most unbelievable part, at least for me, is that they’re currently accepting non-accredited investors. That means you don’t need a high net worth or even a large income to become an investor. And I highly doubt that their low valuation will last long. If they achieve even a few of their near-term goals, I’d expect to see that number rise significantly.

Which means that right now is most likely the last opportunity to invest with these terms. Their current raise is open for just 9 more days. On April 24th at 11:59PM, this round will be closed forever. And while I really can’t say for sure… 90 percent of the time, when a company comes back to raise more money, they’re doing so at a higher valuation. That means less equity for your dollar. (Remember: the earlier, the better.)

Just click here to learn more about this opportunity.

I’ll be back soon with more.

Until next time,

Neil Patel

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