“The People’s Shark” is Recruiting You For an Exciting Mission: America’s Comeback

By. Daymond John, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank, Founder & CEO of FUBU



As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through every industry and household in America. Tens of millions initially lost their jobs and cities became ghost towns.

We were knocked down, but only a fool would’ve counted us out. Once we emerged from the initial chaos, America’s comeback got underway.

Now it’s time we kick the recovery into high gear. And you have a role to play.

Since the days of our founding fathers, America has fought to come back from numerous recessions and depressions – periods of social unrest and conflict.

We’ve faced each challenge head on.

That’s thanks, in large part, to our greatest visionaries and entrepreneurs.

They’ve always answered the call, launching the startups that would propel our country and economy forward.

General Motors and IBM emerged from the Panics of 1907 and 1910. Disney and Hewlett Packard rose from the ashes of the Great Depression.

Those four iconic companies are now worth $525.62 billion. And they provide jobs to 831,700 people.

Fast forward to 1975. Microsoft launched from a garage during what was the worst recession since World War II. The next year, Apple was founded from a different garage.

Combined, they’re now worth over $4.96 trillion and employ 335,000.

Our greatest entrepreneurs have never accomplished these wonders on their own.


During times like we’re living through now, American visionaries always offered amazing generatonal wealth opportunities for those willing to bet on them at the beginning of their stories.

  • Apple’s valuation has risen 402,984,975% since Mike Markkula bet on Steve Jobs and became his first angel investor.
  • Microsoft’s value has risen 11,299,900% from the moment Dave Marquardt cut his check and bet on Bill Gates.

Amazon exploded after the dot com bubble burst.

It never would’ve happened without Jeff Bezos’ 22 angel investors who backed him at the beginning of his story.

By 2018, their shares would’ve been up 14,000,000%.

Today, Amazon is valued at over $1.6 trillion and provides jobs for 1 million people.

Airbnb, Uber, and Square launched as unknown startups during the Great Recession.

Airbnb was worth just $2.4 million back then. Uber was a little pricier at $3.86 million and Square was downright expensive at $30 million.

Today, they are worth a combined $232.6 billion, and employ 35,774.

Plus, their valuations have soared 4,182,817% (Airbnb), 1,900,936% (Uber), and 196,067% (Square) since their earliest angel investors took the risks and bet on them.

I believe history is about to repeat itself. Only this time, you can be a part of it.


As we speak, startups are being launched by brilliant visionaries in dorm rooms, garages, small laboratories, and factories across America.

With help, some could grow into our nation’s largest companies. Let’s provide that help.

  • I’m launching a very special mission to discover our country’s next generation of innovators and visionaries. And I’m recruiting Main Street Americans like you to help.
  • If we’re successful, we could play a role in creating hundreds of thousands of high-paying American jobs while revolutionizing industries.
  • And the rewards could be life changing.

An article in Forbes magazine once stated that “Most families are missing out on a huge wealth creation opportunity.”

That “missed opportunity” being investing in privately held startups.

Forbes is right.

This mission is very personal to me, because I founded my startup in my mother’s basement with $40 during a recession.

Over the years, I grew it into a $6 billion fashion empire.

I couldn’t have done it without my first angel investor.

Now I’m paying it forward.

  • I’m putting my money on the table, $100,000 to be exact, to help these entrepreneurs make their American Dreams come true.
  • Join me and maybe yours will as well. We’ve already identified the two startups that’ll launch our mission.

Let’s get to work.