Hey Startup Investor,

Daymond here.

Years ago, when I was first trying to build FUBU, I used to spend night after night in my basement learning how to sew with my mom.

In hindsight, she was actually one of the most important parts of getting my business off the ground. My mom believed in me so much that she mortgaged her own house in Queens to secure the funds I needed to start filling massive orders.

My mom is who inspired me to keep pushing through challenge after challenge, beating the odds, and ultimately growing FUBU into a $6 billion company. When I was a kid, she used to work multiple jobs, saving her money with every single paycheck just to make sure I had access to what I needed to be successful.

I owe my success to her. We weren’t a wealthy household, in fact, there were times we struggled quite a bit, but the lessons she passed along (and continues to pass along) to me are invaluable ones that I still look back on every single day.

At an early age, my mom taught me the value of leaving a legacy behind, and throughout my career as an investor and an entrepreneur, I’ve found that there’s serious power in building a legacy to leave to future generations.

That applies to everyone, not just me. You don’t need to be rolling in wealth to start building your own legacy today.

That’s what I love about angel investing. In my opinion, investing in startup companies is one of the best ways to not only build your own, personal wealth, but it also gives you the opportunity to pass along that wealth to the people who will come after you.

Unfortunately, these types of wealth building opportunities haven’t always existed for everyday Americans. People like to talk about how average investors will be the ones to save our economy, but those same, average investors didn’t have access to angel investing opportunities until recently.

That type of access should have existed a long time ago. But now that the game has changed, and you can get in on the action, it’s time to dive in. You don’t need to have $50,000 sitting in your bank account to be able to take advantage. Just a small $50 to $100 investment can get you in the door.

And remember, angel investing is a long-term gig. It’s likely that any investment you make today will take at least a few years to mature, but that’s the beauty of investing in startups.

You’re getting in at the earliest possible point in a company’s growth, when it’s worth just pennies compared to its entire potential. If that company explodes in value, you could exit your investment one day with a net worth greater than you ever thought was possible.

That’s the kind of wealth you can then pass down. Potential returns have the power to not only benefit you in realtime, but they could secure a stable foundation for future generations and allow them to continue contributing to America’s comeback from an unexpected economic downturn.

Passing down generational wealth will give your family opportunities to keep investing in the entrepreneurs with a vision that could one day become the next multi-billion-dollar company and critical to America’s economy.

It’s an incredible cycle that can help us create billions in new wealth for generations to come.

It’s all about leaving a legacy behind. There’s power in that, and it’s even easier than ever to get started today… no matter who you are, where you come from, or how much money is in your bank account.

That’s all from me for today, but I’ll be back again next week.

Hang tight, and we’ll talk soon.

Daymond John