Neil here.

There’s a lot of money floating around in the real estate world.

Real estate generates around $235 billion in revenue annually between residential and commercial brokerages. The Federal Reserve estimates that the entire real estate industry is worth a whopping $27.2 trillion in the United States alone.

With all that value, investing in real estate can be an amazing way to diversify your portfolio… but until recently, it’s been out of reach for many.

Traditionally, real estate has been reserved for high net worth individuals or those willing to take on the burden of buying and managing their own properties.

The vast majority of people fall into neither category, shutting people out of potentially lucrative opportunities.

However, the industry is changing fast, and I’ve got my eye on three trends that are making it way more accessible for all.

Let’s dive in.

1. Disruption of traditional commercial workspaces

In June 2020, an estimated 42 percent of the United States labor force were working from home full-time.

Since then, workplaces around the country have slowly began opening up to accommodate office work. However, an important question still stands.

What will commercial workspaces look like in the months and years following COVID-19?

Now, I don’t anticipate that office spaces will become completely obsolete.

However, I think that it’s going to become even more competitive for developers to get the money and loans they need to build new properties.

At first glance, that may not sound like a good thing… but here’s what I think.

I believe that no matter what happens, there will still be incredible opportunities for folks to score on real estate opportunities… commercial or residential alike.

That’s because developers are going to have to start tapping into brand new sources of income in order to fund upcoming building projects.

And one of those new sources centers on something we’re all familiar with here: equity crowdfunding.

Which leads me to my next point…

2. Democratization of real estate investing through equity crowdfunding

Real estate only recently entered the equity crowdfunding scene… and before its entrance, real estate investing was a complicated process.

It was characterized by the massive upfront costs of managing your own property or buying into a REIT (real estate investment trust).

However, participating in real estate through equity crowdfunding means people no longer need to save up significant down payments or deal with the confusing process of investing in and maintaining properties.

Instead, people can invest directly through a crowdfunding platform with less complicated paperwork… all without the hassle of having to deal with property management themselves.

And most importantly, people can pay a lower minimum – often only a few hundred dollars – to pay into a real estate opportunity and start seeing potential dividends.

But it’s not all about equity crowdfunding. I’m eyeing one more trend in the real estate space that could change the industry forever…

3. Opportunities to tap into even more lucrative real estate opportunities

Across the country, millions of people are moving out of big cities like New York, Chicago, and L.A. and moving to safer, sparsely populated areas.

In New York alone, 420,000 people have emptied out of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods – the Upper East Side, West Village, SoHo, and Brooklyn Heights.

That’s over 40% of the neighborhoods’ entire population.

But there’s a problem. There just aren’t enough houses to compensate for the amount of people flooding out of urban areas.

That’s why people are turning to another resource… one that’s traditionally operated in a tightly closed loop.

It’s called private money lending, and it’s on the rise. In fact, there’s been a 37% jump in the number of loans given out by private money lenders to real estate developers.

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I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel