Neil here.

With Election Day just around the corner, we’re well into one of the most divisive and complicated months we’ve ever seen.

But no matter who you talk to, there’s one issue that’s been top-of-mind for just about everyone…

The COVID-19 vaccine.

Now, we’ve talked about this a few times before.

Over 160 different companies around the world joined the race to develop the perfect vaccine cocktail, but that number slowly whittled down to just a few companies who’ve taken a big lead.

If you’ve been following this race, you’ll know that only a few of these firms could reach approval by the end of the year.

And this week, an expected catalyst announcement by one tiny biotech firm leading the pack could set off a revenue surge unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

My suggestion? Get all the information you can on this historic event right away.

It’s coming way sooner than we could have ever expected, and it’s bringing with it a major profit opportunity for those who get in first.

The Trump administration has poured $10 billion into their “Operation Warp Speed” initiative to get a vaccine produced in lightspeed.

The federal government aims to distribute a whopping 300 million doses by just January 2021, and recent reports suggest that they could authorize emergency use by as early as November.

That type of widespread distribution would cover almost 92% of the 328 million people in the United States right now.

And while the CDC still hasn’t disclosed which exact vaccine could be the winner, one thing’s for sure…

Whichever company’s vaccine does make it could land on a historic profit opportunity… and the folks who get in alongside of them have the potential to benefit just as well.

Tomorrow’s anticipated announcement tells me that there’s no better time than right now to learn exactly how to play this opportunity.

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And I mean that, too. The global biotech market is expected to hit $727 billion by just 2025… meaning there could be plenty of profit to be made if you take your chances right.

He knows exactly how to take advantage of this exponentially growing industry, and he wants to show you how to take advantage as well.

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But remember… you’ll want to jump on it fast. Locking in a ground-floor opportunity here could put you miles ahead of anyone who gets in after the big day.

Make sure you get all the details before it’s too late.

I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel