Let’s talk about cannabis.

A lot of people think that the cannabis industry is maxed out right now. After all, there are several major growers, dispensary chains, and biochemical companies already in the mix.

But if you ask me, that’s just a narrow way of thinking about the whole thing.

The cannabis industry is more than just growing and selling pot. Of course, there are edibles, tinctures, vapes and capsules, too… but I suspect we’ve seen just a tiny fraction of the total scope of this growing market.

Savvy entrepreneurs are going to spend the coming years finding new, novel ways to ingest cannabis and hemp products – ways that are easier and more effective.

And VC interest for these startups is unflagging. Earlier this week, a company called Kikoko successfully raised $8 million in Series A funding. This tiny startup creates curated cannabis-infused teas marketed towards women.

It sounds like a niche product… but it’s taking California by storm. Pretty soon, I have a hunch it’ll be just about everywhere – and Kikoko’s earliest investors will come out with a fat payday.

Today, in the United States, cannabis is a $10.8 billion-dollar industry. But it’s just getting started. Some experts predict this same market will be worth $100 billion in just a few years.

There will be limitless opportunity in this space, if you ask me – and I don’t just mean in private equity.

This is a rare case in which there’s just as much profit potential investing in public companies as there is in private deals.

Here’s why: while pot stocks appear to be suffering on the surface, the truth is actually much more complex.

Many of these firms are investing staggering amounts of capital into growth and expansion – but the markets aren’t quite growing fast enough to keep up with it. Not yet, at least.

But if and when marijuana is federally legalized – and I don’t think we’re far off… well, let’s just say that these companies’ investments could pay off thousands of times over. And if you know where to put your cash before that happens, your stock portfolio could do the same.

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Neil Patel