We’ve got a busy week ahead of us in the startup scene, with deals closing left and right across all of the major crowdfunding platforms.

So today, we want to pass along information on three of the most interesting opportunities we’ve seen so far. Time is ticking, so we won’t hold you up here.

Let’s get into it…

Nada: Build wealth in the world’s largest consumer market

$1.7M raised | Closes July 26, 2021 | Campaign page

The Problem:
The U.S. housing market is huge. We’re talking $36 trillion, with a T. But it’s antiquated and fragmented. Traditional real estate tools – think Zillow – offer no sophisticated tech or management tools for buyers, owners, or investors. Plus, buying and selling a home comes with ridiculously high fees – an average $30,000 in equity – that takes away from the bottom line.

The Solution: Enter Nada. It’s an all-in-one digital platform that works for homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate investors. By entering their home address, users can claim a free portfolio manager and dashboard of personalized insights into their real estate assets. Nada’s platform allows users to save money on fees when they list, refinance, or get insured… build wealth by buying or investing in a property… and trade their equity for cold, hard cash.

The Traction: In 2019, Nada launched its Realty service and raised $500,000 in pre-seed capital. In 2020, the company launched its seed round on Republic and raised over $1 million from 3,000 different investors. The team projected that Nada would reach profitability by Q2 2021, but at this time, they have not reported mid-year revenue.

The Need-to-Knows: Nada has partnered with Republic Real Estate on a brand-new investment product called “CityFunds.” With CityFunds, anyone can invest in a diverse portfolio of single-family rentals and equity investments across some of the country’s most desirable real estate markets – starting with Phoenix, Austin, Miami, Tampa, Nashville, Houston, and Dallas.

How to Invest: Check out the Nada campaign by clicking here. Read through the campaign page and do your due diligence. If you’re interested, you can click “Invest in Nada” and follow the instructions to claim your stake.

Saebo: Improving recovery and lowering cost of care for stroke survivors

$374,800 raised | Closes July 27, 2021 | Campaign page

The Problem:
Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States. But for stroke survivors, rehabilitation is a long, painful, and expensive process. After weeks or months of rapid recovery, many of these patients are told they’ve reached a recovery “plateau,” where they experience little to no real improvements in function.

The Solution: Saebo has designed a line of easy-to-use rehabilitation products backed by years of medical research. These products are noninvasive and affordable, even to patients with limited or no insurance coverage. Each product targets a specific part of the body and function – from a glove that helps with the hand’s motor function, to a VR system that engages a patient with cognitive challenges, to a lightweight foot brace that offers support while walking.

The Traction: Saebo has secured $44 million in lifetime revenue with a distributor network of 40 countries over six continents. Over 800,000 patients from over 4,000 hospitals use these products around the world. They’ve been awarded 17 patents for product design.

The Need-to-Knows: Saebo’s products also help people suffering from multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological disorders. In the future, the company wants to expand into treating diabetic neuropathy and non-opioid pain management.

How to Invest: You can access the Saebo campaign by clicking here. Make sure you read through the campaign details. If you like what you see, click “Invest Now” for instructions.

Sentry AI: A virtual security camera powered by artificial intelligence

$445,370 raised | Closes July 31, 2021 | Campaign page

The Problem: Security systems relies too much on ineffective cameras and human surveillance. In fact, between 94 to 98 percent of security alerts are false alarms, costing an annual $1.8 billion for police dispatch alone.

The Solution: Sentry AI’s software uses artificial intelligence to detect movement, recognize faces and license plates, and identify unusual behaviors. The company claims that the technology improves alert accuracy by 10X, cutting down on the number of false alarm rates and cutting costs by around 50%. It’s a self-learning system, meaning that as it detects patterns, it gets more intelligent over time. Plus, the system is cloud-based, meaning it can integrate with most existing camera and video management systems.

The Traction: Sentry AI has over 1,300 paying users across 36 countries. They’ve partnered with leading security providers like Eagle Eye Networks, Milestone, Blue Iris Security, and Immix. Right now, Sentry AI reports $100,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

The Need-to-Knows: Since its founding, Sentry AI has raised over $1.6 million from its founding team, angel syndicates, and its ongoing crowdfunding raise. The company has received grants from companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

How to Invest: Access the Sentry AI campaign page by clicking here. Read through the offering page, and if you like the opportunity, you can claim your stake by clicking “Invest in Sentry AI.”

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