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Tuesday May 24, 1:00PM EST

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Dear Startup Investor,

Hope you’re successfully navigating the biannual moral conundrum: Is it too early to turn on the AC? I, for one, am not.

Thankfully, Memorial Day is around the corner, and we’ll officially be in the AC clear.

We’ll also have fewer work days between today and the next episode of Unicorn Hunting.

As exciting as that sounds, even more exciting is what we have in store for you this afternoon.

At 1 p.m. ET on Money Morning Live, your favorite Unicorn Hunting team – myself, KingsCrowd founder and CEO Chris Lustrino, and our amazing host, Quinn Conyers – are back in the hunting blind ready to pick off some winners.

And on today’s show, we’ve got three startups that are already putting together some really impressive numbers while showing no signs of slowing down soon.

With public markets in upheaval, being an early investor in a startup with legitimate traction is more appealing than ever.

Well, we had an exciting pick for today’s Unicorn of the Week in the crypto space, but… it raised more than $3 million over the weekend and maxed out its campaign.

That’s OK, those are the risks you run when you highlight the best opportunities. Thankfully, we’ve got you more than covered.

Our replacement potential unicorn is simplifying an industry that remains one of the biggest in the business world. And, despite its relative youth, it has seen some really impressive results, already closing on 85% of its 2021 revenue in less than five months.

Plus, with names like Meta, Paramount, NBCUniversal, Reddit, Fox Corporation, and more already on its list of current clients, it’s clear that there are more than a few big names taking note of all this startup has to offer.

But wait, there’s more.

Informercial jokes aside, there really is more.

Our fastest funder this week has some very impressive performance metrics. For example, is 20% month-over-month growth a good thing?

Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.

This startup is looking to bring some industry-changing technology to a market that has exploded in size since the start of the COVID pandemic.

Plus, our startup spotlight will shine bright on a company that is collaborating with one of the world’s most prestigious universities to aid early detection of two of the deadliest diseases known to mankind.

That’s all I’m going to reveal about this afternoon. You’ve got to tune in to hear all the juicy details. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, go ahead and add it to your calendar now.

Tuesday May 24, 1:00PM EST

Add event to calendar
Tuesday May 24, 1:00PM EST

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And, as always, you can find the entire collection of Unicorn Hunting episodes right here – many of which still feature investable opportunities.

Talk to you in a few hours.

Brian Mitchell
Director of Deal Flow