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This morning, news officially broke the electric vehicle tech startup REE Automotive will go public through a merger with 10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp., the SPAC founded by my company, 10X Capital.

This deal is expected to value REE Automotive at around $3.6 billion and includes a $300 million private investment in public equity (PIPE) from massive names like Koch Strategic Platforms and Mahindra & Mahindra.

I’m over the moon about this merger for a number of reasons, the first being quite obvious.

This a huge deal for 10X Capital. Shares of our SPAC, which went public in Q4 2020, skyrocketed by over 50% between yesterday’s market close and today’s open.

But the second reason is that this deal officially lets 10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. join forces with the company building the next generation of electric mobility technology. It has designed unique technology that, in my opinion, beats out every other offering on the market.

REE has designed a series of modules, called “REEcorner” sized for different platform weights, dimensions, and applications. These modules integrate vehicle functions like steering and braking into the vehicle’s wheel arch, which is attached to a flat platform.

The company has the ability to manufacture its products at scale with low operational costs. It already has plans to launch 16 plants around the world by 2026, with plans to begin mass production in 2022. That’s an annual vehicle capacity of around 600,000 by just five years from now.

REE fits in well with our SPAC’s goal to target high-growth tech and tech-enabled businesses.

In fact, REE is a leader in an industry I’ve been following for a long time now.

The electric vehicle market was already estimated at around $140 billion in 2019. By just 2026, this market is expected to reach $700 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 22%.

Sales of electric vehicles are on the rise year over year as the technology becomes more accessible to all. A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that EVs will make up 10% of passenger vehicle sales worldwide by 2025. By 2040, that number could be as high as 58%.

Additionally, current U.S. policy is in favor of the electric vehicle market.

President Joe Biden has made moving away from the traditional oil industry a platform priority for his four-year stint in office. Part of that initiative involves moving the federal government toward purchasing more electric vehicles.

To put it plainly, this industry has a whole lot going for it.

I see the electric vehicle market as an incredible long-term investment opportunity with plenty of potential for strong growth.

With electric vehicles entering consumer markets at lightspeed, and regulations around the world favoring this kind of transition, I believe we’re only seeing the beginning of the EV market’s growth.

Electric vehicle tech joins a long list of industries that are already making waves in 2021. In the just the past year, we’ve seen the rise of e-commerce, fintech, medtech, and more as dominating high-growth industries.

Another industry I’m heavily eyeing these days is cannabis, which has seen tremendous growth over just the past month alone. In just North America alone, the industry is worth around $15 billion today, and could hit $100 billion in the year ahead.

Since mid-January, when the Democratic Party officially took control of the House and Senate, stocks in this space have been on the rise.

But the cannabis bull run isn’t just affecting the public markets.

In fact, I think this is one of the best years on record for investing in the private cannabis market, too.

Startups in this space are companies with incredible growth potential, and getting in as early as possible can put you on the ground floor of that development.

Right now, one of the best opportunities I’ve seen in this space comes straight from a tiny cannabis startup out in San Diego. This startup has landed on a modern science breakthrough that could have a major effect on the $1.5 trillion pharmaceutical industry.

I’m talking about help for people suffering from conditions like insomnia, arthritis, Crohn’s, and Alzheimer’s. Overall, this startup’s valuation could skyrocket by 11,113% in just the next year.

Four-time Emmy award-winning journalist John Burke is sitting down with the founder and CEO of this company today to get the full scoop on their breakthrough and the growth they expect over the next months and years.

Just click here to catch this special interview right away.

I’ll be back soon with another update.

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