Neil here.

Once in a generation, a new piece of technology launches that changes our lives for good… in ways we never could have imagined before.

This trend runs the entire course of human history. But in just the last few decades, these tech-inspired paradigm shifts have absolutely taken off.

We’ve seen the rise of Amazon, which now dominates the e-commerce space… Apple, which completely changed how we communicate… Coinbase, which pioneered trading decentralized, government-free cryptos… And so much more.

The best part about all of this? Startups are key to making it happen. Amazon, Apple, Coinbase… You name it. Each one of these companies (and more) was once a tiny venture that grew to the massive names we know and love today.

They changed the world. It’s about time a brand-new technology steps up to do it all over again.

Lucky for you, that technology is here today. It’s at the very earliest stages of its growth potential too, meaning you can get behind a brand-new technology boom right before it takes off.

I’m talking internet-level potential here, folks. And the tech behind it all is none other than blockchain.

Blockchain has never been more popular than it is today, but it’s only getting started. It’s expected to add a whopping $3.1 trillion in economic value over just the next decade.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it in the context of cryptocurrencies, which are dominating the media right now. Blockchain is what makes cryptocurrencies possible, and I don’t expect the growth we’ve seen from that sector alone to slow down anytime soon.

Venmo, for example, just launched a brand-new crypto service that would allow its customers to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin… alongside educational resources to help people navigate the complicated crypto world.

And yesterday, Dogecoin (yes… the meme crypto) briefly snagged a spot as the fourth-largest crypto coin, surpassing XRP after hitting a record $0.43.

Top analysts expect crypto to be well-positioned for long-term and sustainable growth, especially following Coinbase’s smash-hit direct listing exactly one week ago.

But here’s the thing about blockchain. Crypto is only a small part of what makes that industry tick.

At its very basic level, blockchain stores and sends information in a way that’s more secure than any other network we use right now. That means we can use blockchain for just about anything that requires transmitting information… from cybersecurity, to cloud storage, to medicine, and more.

When I said this was internet-caliber stuff, I meant it. The opportunities here are endless.

In the angel world, we always talk about the value of investing in startup companies at their very earliest stages. It’s what makes startup investing so attractive… the opportunity to get in on a company before it makes it to the big leagues (and potentially shave off serious profits in the process).

But the opportunity to get in on an entire industry before it truly takes off is another incredible opportunity in itself. I expect two things to happen here… First, the number of blockchain startups will skyrocket over the next few months and years. And more than that, the number of companies who choose to integrate blockchain into their products and services will soar, too.

I always want to bring you the best opportunities in any industry I’m eyeing for potential success… and blockchain is no different. I’ll have my eyes open for the next big blockchain startup to hit the stage – and I’ll bring it straight to you when it comes along.

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