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Tuesday June 7, 1:00PM EST

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Dear Startup Investor,

Today’s a special day, and I’m not just saying that because it’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

No, the real treat is this afternoon’s episode of Unicorn Hunting (which, admittedly, would go pretty well with some chocolate ice cream).

We promise it’s anything but vanilla.

This afternoon at 1 p.m. on Money Morning Live, me, KingsCrowd founder and CEO Chris Lustrino, and our energetic emcee (and resident Angels & Entrepreneurs Network board member) Quinn Conyers are back on center stage to bring you the latest and greatest in the crowdfunding landscape.

And on this week’s show, our three startups are making a difference in three disparate industries.

For starters, our potential Unicorn of the Week is looking to bring a specific industry to the modern age – and to be honest, it’s a shock it’s taken so long. That’s because in today’s landscape, security is something that’s placed at a premium in practically every industry. So then, how is it that this more than $50 billion industry has left itself so vulnerable to being exploited?

Good question.

Well, thanks to this startup, that will no longer be the case. And when you talk about total addressable markets, this company is casting its line in some particularly busy waters.

Also, we’ll tell you about a green startup that is focused on doing good by cleaning one of our most important ecosystems. However, that’s not all – it’s taking the byproducts of its cleanup efforts and turning them into trendy, desirable consumer goods.

And if its admirable mission weren’t convincing enough, maybe you’ll be swayed by the fact that this company’s already collected $750,000 in sales in its first two years.

As if that weren’t enough, we’re also going to tell you about a startup as entertaining as it is impactful. You may have even seen some of its work, as it went viral and found its way on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Now that it’s moved past the tough times related to the pandemic, this startup is tunneling forward at full speed and plans for nothing but smooth swimming ahead.

With all that to look forward to, make sure you add this reminder to your calendar so you don’t miss it.

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Tuesday June 7, 1:00PM EST

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As always, feel free to bridge the time between now and 1 p.m. with some of the previous episodes of Unicorn Hunting right here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some ice cream to attend to.

See you in a few hours.

Brian Mitchell
Director of Deal Flow