Ask any angel investor who’s been in the game a few years and you’ll find that each and every one has one deal they just can’t stop thinking about.

Sure, we all love and remember our biggest wins. But the ones that really eat at us… the ones that keep us up at night… are the ones that got away.

Every angel investor has a story like this… though some are much more painful than others. Some of the most prominent angels and VC firms have even gone so far as to post their “anti-portfolios” online. Their reasons for missing a deal vary greatly, but one of my favorite stories is that of legendary venture capitalist Jeremy Levine.

Back in 2011, Jeremy was flying to Los Angeles to meet with some new investment prospects. But his flight into LAX was delayed by three hours – which meant he only had time to keep one of the two meetings he had scheduled that day.

So what did he do? He quite literally flipped a coin… then called up Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel to cancel their meeting. Six years later, SNAP went public at a $29 billion valuation. Ouch.

Most of the time, though, the story behind saying “no” is much simpler. It usually just boils down to an angel or VC who doesn’t quite “get” the idea behind the business. Those are the misses that sting the most – because when you turn down a startup that makes it big, there’s nobody you can blame but yourself.

I’ve been in this business long enough to have missed out on more than one deal I should have believed in. But that’s just part of the learning process, especially when you’re a self-taught investor.

This is exactly why I always encourage new angel investors to spend a year or two (or more) following in the footsteps of another, more experienced investor.

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Neil Patel